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Weland Solutions are available for customers who want to optimize and streamline their business

The primary goal for Weland Solutions is to optimize and streamline customers’ operations. While Weland Soltions are experts in warehousing and logistics solutions, customers are experts in their operations. Björn Karlsson, the company’s CEO, explains further.

– Our task is to optimise and streamline customers’ businesses and, in order to enable us to develop a customised solution, we must have a clear picture of their needs. Therefore, it’s essential for us to always work closely with our customers. We are experts in storage and logistics solutions, and our customers are experts in their businesses, explains the company’s CEO Björn Karlsson.

The factory in Gislaved acts as the hub for Weland Solutions.

You find Weland Solutions in Gislaved, in the southern part of Sweden. Here, the company develops customized warehousing and logistics solutions, performs product tests, provides training and produces the well-known vertical storage lifts.

Everything Weland Solutions does is done in close collaboration with the market and customers. This position is a large part of the success of the company, which started operations as early as 1999.

– We have brought together all our combined expertise, from product developers to engineers and software developers in one single location. Being in the same building makes it easy for us to drive projects forwards at a faster rate, creating advantages for the customer, he says.

Distributors throughout the world

Swedish companies are held in high esteem throughout the world. A reputation that creates benefits for Weland Solutions.

– It’s a confidence that must be managed well, not only by us but by all Swedish companies that work beyond our national borders. Keeping our word and never promising anything we can’t deliver is something that our entire organisation is careful to adhere to,” says Björn.

Weland Solutions has distributors throughout the world and they, in turn, have country-specific networks of engineers to provide rapid first-line support to customers.

– No matter where you are in the world, you can rest assure that you will be able to get the support you need. If your service agreement says that an engineer will be on site within three hours, that’s what you’ll get, regardless of whether your business is based in Sweden or anywhere else.

Björn ends the interview with a statement.

It shall be easy to do business with us at Weland Solutions, and we stay with the customer all the way.

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