Compact lift

Compact vertical storage lifts

Weland Solutions’ unique vertical storage lift concept is based on a custom innovative technology that has been tried and tested since 1999. All models feature a four cog design that runs in homogeneous gear racks, affording highly stable operation with precise tray positioning. This unique technology creates high operational reliability, reduced wear, and lower maintenance requirements.

Which Compact vertical storage lift is the best fit for your business?

COMPACT LIFT is our original vertical storage lift that handles one tray at a time. It is equally good for large volumes of smaller items as small volumes of larger, heavier items that require more space.

COMPACT TWIN handles two trays at a time, meaning that picking speeds can be more than doubled. Whilst one tray is being picked, the system prepares and retrieves the second tray for the next pick.

COMPACT DOUBLE contains double lines of trays stacked deep, which means that it can store twice as much. As with Compact Twin, this lift can handle two trays at the same time.

Flexible design, efficient stock management

The design of the lift makes Compact highly adaptable and allows for future expansion no matter which model you choose. Each model is available in a variety of sizes, affording the best possible warehouse logistics in all types of premises. They are also space saving and ensure that goods are handled in a rational and ergonomic way. Storing products in a vertical storage lift also guarantees safe and secure storage that is out of reach of unauthorized tampering.

A reliable Swedish supplier

Compact vertical storage lifts are designed 100% in Sweden and manufactured by Weland Solutions in Gislaved. Over the years, we have supplied a number of custom vertical storage lifts that have streamlined the stock management and logistics of players in manufacturing industry, workshops, and e-commerce sectors. We are an experienced and reliable warehouse logistics expert that can be trusted no matter the situation.

In-house product development, manufacturing, and service organization

Because product development and manufacturing is handled in-house, we can maintain the high quality of our products throughout the entire process. The same also applies to Compact Store, the software we have developed to control our vertical storage lifts. We have total confidence in claiming that all our products are compliant with established standards and specifications. We have also built a service organization that offers fast and dependable customer support.


In order to provide a better overview of our three basic models, we have compiled all the pertinent information you want in a single document – the Compact Vertical Storage Lift Guide. It gives a summary description of our lifts that will help you quickly identify which model will best meet your needs.


Interested in what a Compact vertical storage lift can do to streamline your warehouse operations? Get in touch and we’ll help build a complete solution for you.