Technical Support

In Sweden, Weland Solutions operates a dedicated nationwide maintenance organization, with service centers in Gislaved, Laholm, Västerås, and Luleå/Umeå. Our maintenance teams have many years of experience, backed up by extensive, proven training.  

Outside of the Swedish market we ask you to contact the dealer in your country for support.

Weland Solutions – Swedish market:

Our telephone support desk

is open Monday – Friday between 7 am and 5 pm (CET).

0371-34 444 

or by using the contact form.

General questions (not IT-related)

Support for issues relating to software, connections, ERP, and WMS

To order spare parts

Remote control preparation

In order to ensure operation, we can troubleshoot our vertical storage lifts remotely. Weland Solutions uses an application that has been developed by TeamViewer. This enables to to easily and securely connect to your computer. This has two benefits – troubleshooting can be done more more quickly and the problem can be resolved directly in the right environment.

It requires no installation or administrator privileges on your computer. When necessary, we just run an exe file, which in turn communicates via a shared server at TeamViewer. You can close the session at any time by clicking on the ‘shut down’ button on your control panel. This is located in the bottom right corner of your computer screen.

Prepare the computer for TeamViewer before calling the support desk

In order to enable us to get started and help you right away, you need to do the following to prepare your computer:

  1. Download .the .exe file
  2. Launch the application.
  3. Call Weland Solutions.
  4. Read the ID (nine-digit number) and password to the Weland Solutions support agent.