Corrugated cardboard boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes that can be divided into one, two, three or four compartments. They are delivered as a flat pack and are a flexible solution since they can be adjusted to several sizes.

You can easily remove the dividers to adjust the sizes of the compartments and adapt them to the size of the goods. The boxes are available with heights from 50 mm and up to 200 mm and are perfect for small and medium-sized goods. All boxes are kept in stock.

Article NumberName (LxBxH)
FKA400200050Wellpapp-låda 400x200x50 mm
FKA400200075Wellpapp-låda 400x200x75 mm
FKA400200100Wellpapp-låda 400x200x100 mm
FKA800200150Wellpapp-låda 800x200x150 mm
FKA800400200Wellpapp-låda 800x400x200 mm

Weland box

A flexible plastic box specially designed for Weland Solutions’
vertical storage lifts. The box is designed for the highest possible filling ratio of load trays which optimises the filling ratio of
your storage space. The width and length of the Weland box can
be adjusted using dividers and dividing walls to create between
1 and 16 storage compartments per box

Article NumberName
7061202Mellanvägg 800×70 mm
7061201Mellanvägg 200×70 mm

Metal fittings

Metal fittings, durable fittings made in galvanised metal. Perfect for industrial environments where the material is not exposed to oils. With metal fittings, the vertical storage lift is a fireproof storage site. Sizes from 100 x 100 mm up to the load trays full size. Heights from 50 to 250 mm. Flexible interior fitting, where the size of the compartment can be easily adapted to changing needs.

Article NumberName
1301401100Avdelare L=100 H=55 mm
1301401101Avdelare L=200 H=55 mm
1301401102Avdelare L=300 H=55 mm
1301401103Avdelare L=400 H=55 mm
1301401104Avdelare L=500 H=55 mm
1301401105Avdelare L=600 H=55 mm
1301401106Avdelare L=700 H=55 mm
1301401107Avdelare L=800 H=55 mm
1301401108Avdelare L=900 H=55 mm
1301401109Avdelare L=1000 H=55 mm
1301401110Avdelare L=1100 H=55 mm
1301401111Avdelare L=1200 H=55 mm
1301401112Avdelare L=1300 H=55 mm
1301401113Avdelare L=1400 H=55 mm
1301401114Avdelare L=1500 H=55 mm
1301401115Avdelare L=1600 H=55 mm
1301401116Avdelare L=1700 H=55 mm
1301401117Avdelare L=1800 H=55 mm
1301401118Avdelare L=1900 H=55 mm
1301401119Avdelare L=2000 H=55 mm
1301401120Avdelare L=2100 H=55 mm
1301401121Avdelare L=2200 H=55 mm
1301401122Avdelare L=2300 H=55 mm
1301401123Avdelare L=2400 H=55 mm
1301401125Avdelare L=100 H=75 mm
1301401126Avdelare L=200 H=75 mm
1301401127Avdelare L=300 H=75 mm
1301401128Avdelare L=400 H=75 mm
1301401129Avdelare L=500 H=75 mm
1301401130Avdelare L=600 H=75 mm
1301401131Avdelare L=700 H=75 mm
1301401132Avdelare L=800 H=75 mm
1301401133Avdelare L=900 H=75 mm
1301401134Avdelare L=1000 H=75 mm
1301401135Avdelare L=1100 H=75 mm
1301401136Avdelare L=1200 H=75 mm
1301401137Avdelare L=1300 H=75 mm
1301401138Avdelare L=1400 H=75 mm
1301401139Avdelare L=1500 H=75 mm
1301401140Avdelare L=1600 H=75 mm
1301401141Avdelare L=1700 H=75 mm
1301401142Avdelare L=1800 H=75 mm
1301401143Avdelare L=1900 H=75 mm
1301401144Avdelare L=2000 H=75 mm
1301401145Avdelare L=2100 H=75 mm
1301401146Avdelare L=2200 H=75 mm
1301401147Avdelare L=2300 H=75 mm
1301401148Avdelare L=2400 H=75 mm
1301401150Avdelare L=100 H=100 mm
1301401151Avdelare L=200 H=100 mm
1301401152Avdelare L=300 H=100 mm
1301401153Avdelare L=400 H=100 mm
1301401154Avdelare L=500 H=100 mm
1301401155Avdelare L=600 H=100 mm
1301401156Avdelare L=700 H=100 mm
1301401157Avdelare L=800 H=100 mm
1301401158Avdelare L=900 H=100 mm
1301401159Avdelare L=1000 H=100 mm
1301401160Avdelare L=1100 H=100 mm
1301401161Avdelare L=1200 H=100 mm
1301401162Avdelare L=1300 H=100 mm
1301401163Avdelare L=1400 H=100 mm
1301401164Avdelare L=1500 H=100 mm
1301401165Avdelare L=1600 H=100 mm
1301401166Avdelare L=1700 H=100 mm
1301401167Avdelare L=1800 H=100 mm
1301401168Avdelare L=1900 H=100 mm
1301401169Avdelare L=2000 H=100 mm
1301401170Avdelare L=2100 H=100 mm
1301401171Avdelare L=2200 H=100 mm
1301401172Avdelare L=2300 H=100 mm
1301401173Avdelare L=2400 H=100 mm
1301401175Avdelare L=100 H=125 mm
1301401176Avdelare L=200 H=125 mm
1301401177Avdelare L=300 H=125 mm
1301401178Avdelare L=400 H=125 mm
1301401179Avdelare L=500 H=125 mm
1301401180Avdelare L=600 H=125 mm
1301401181Avdelare L=700 H=125 mm
1301401182Avdelare L=800 H=125 mm
1301401183Avdelare L=900 H=125 mm
1301401184Avdelare L=1000 H=125 mm
1301401185Avdelare L=1100 H=125 mm
1301401186Avdelare L=1200 H=125 mm
1301401187Avdelare L=1300 H=125 mm
1301401188Avdelare L=1400 H=125 mm
1301401189Avdelare L=1500 H=125 mm
1301401190Avdelare L=1600 H=125 mm
1301401191Avdelare L=1700 H=125 mm
1301401192Avdelare L=1800 H=125 mm
1301401193Avdelare L=1900 H=125 mm
1301401194Avdelare L=2000 H=125 mm
1301401195Avdelare L=2100 H=125 mm
1301401196Avdelare L=2200 H=125 mm
1301401197Avdelare L=2300 H=125 mm
1301401198Avdelare L=2400 H=125 mm
1301401200Avdelare L=100 H=150 mm
1301401201Avdelare L=200 H=150 mm
1301401202Avdelare L=300 H=150 mm
1301401203Avdelare L=400 H=150 mm
1301401204Avdelare L=500 H=150 mm
1301401205Avdelare L=600 H=150 mm
1301401206Avdelare L=700 H=150 mm
1301401207Avdelare L=800 H=150 mm
1301401208Avdelare L=900 H=150 mm
1301401209Avdelare L=1000 H=150 mm
1301401210Avdelare L=1100 H=150 mm
1301401211Avdelare L=1200 H=150 mm
1301401212Avdelare L=1300 H=150 mm
1301401213Avdelare L=1400 H=150 mm
1301401214Avdelare L=1500 H=150 mm
1301401215Avdelare L=1600 H=150 mm
1301401216Avdelare L=1700 H=150 mm
1301401217Avdelare L=1800 H=150 mm
1301401218Avdelare L=1900 H=150 mm
1301401219Avdelare L=2000 H=150 mm
1301401220Avdelare L=2100 H=150 mm
1301401221Avdelare L=2200 H=150 mm
1301401222Avdelare L=2300 H=150 mm
1301401223Avdelare L=2400 H=150 mm
1301401225Avdelare L=100 H=175 mm
1301401226Avdelare L=200 H=175 mm
1301401227Avdelare L=300 H=175 mm
1301401228Avdelare L=400 H=175 mm
1301401229Avdelare L=500 H=175 mm
1301401230Avdelare L=600 H=175 mm
1301401231Avdelare L=700 H=175 mm
1301401232Avdelare L=800 H=175 mm
1301401233Avdelare L=900 H=175 mm
1301401234Avdelare L=1000 H=175 mm
1301401235Avdelare L=1100 H=175 mm
1301401236Avdelare L=1200 H=175 mm
1301401237Avdelare L=1300 H=175 mm
1301401238Avdelare L=1400 H=175 mm
1301401239Avdelare L=1500 H=175 mm
1301401240Avdelare L=1600 H=175 mm
1301401241Avdelare L=1700 H=175 mm
1301401242Avdelare L=1800 H=175 mm
1301401243Avdelare L=1900 H=175 mm
1301401244Avdelare L=2000 H=175 mm
1301401245Avdelare L=2100 H=175 mm
1301401246Avdelare L=2200 H=175 mm
1301401247Avdelare L=2300 H=175 mm
1301401248Avdelare L=2400 H=175 mm
1301401250Avdelare L=100 H=200 mm
1301401251Avdelare L=200 H=200 mm
1301401252Avdelare L=300 H=200 mm
1301401253Avdelare L=400 H=200 mm
1301401254Avdelare L=500 H=200 mm
1301401255Avdelare L=600 H=200 mm
1301401256Avdelare L=700 H=200 mm
1301401257Avdelare L=800 H=200 mm
1301401258Avdelare L=900 H=200 mm
1301401259Avdelare L=1000 H=200 mm
1301401260Avdelare L=1100 H=200 mm
1301401261Avdelare L=1200 H=200 mm
1301401262Avdelare L=1300 H=200 mm
1301401263Avdelare L=1400 H=200 mm
1301401264Avdelare L=1500 H=200 mm
1301401265Avdelare L=1600 H=200 mm
1301401266Avdelare L=1700 H=200 mm
1301401267Avdelare L=1800 H=200 mm
1301401268Avdelare L=1900 H=200 mm
1301401269Avdelare L=2000 H=200 mm
1301401270Avdelare L=2100 H=200 mm
1301401271Avdelare L=2200 H=200 mm
1301401272Avdelare L=2300 H=200 mm
1301401273Avdelare L=2400 H=200 mm
1301401275Avdelare L=100 H=225 mm
1301401276Avdelare L=200 H=225 mm
1301401277Avdelare L=300 H=225 mm
1301401278Avdelare L=400 H=225 mm
1301401279Avdelare L=500 H=225 mm
1301401280Avdelare L=600 H=225 mm
1301401281Avdelare L=700 H=225 mm
1301401282Avdelare L=800 H=225 mm
1301401283Avdelare L=900 H=225 mm
1301401284Avdelare L=1000 H=225 mm
1301401285Avdelare L=1100 H=225 mm
1301401286Avdelare L=1200 H=225 mm
1301401287Avdelare L=1300 H=225 mm
1301401288Avdelare L=1400 H=225 mm
1301401289Avdelare L=1500 H=225 mm
1301401290Avdelare L=1600 H=225 mm
1301401291Avdelare L=1700 H=225 mm
1301401292Avdelare L=1800 H=225 mm
1301401293Avdelare L=1900 H=225 mm
1301401294Avdelare L=2000 H=225 mm
1301401295Avdelare L=2100 H=225 mm
1301401296Avdelare L=2200 H=225 mm
1301401297Avdelare L=2300 H=225 mm
1301401298Avdelare L=2400 H=225 mm
1301401300Avdelare L=100 H=250 mm
1301401301Avdelare L=200 H=250 mm
1301401302Avdelare L=300 H=250 mm
1301401303Avdelare L=400 H=250 mm
1301401304Avdelare L=500 H=250 mm
1301401305Avdelare L=600 H=250 mm
1301401306Avdelare L=700 H=250 mm
1301401307Avdelare L=800 H=250 mm
1301401308Avdelare L=900 H=250 mm
1301401309Avdelare L=1000 H=250 mm
1301401310Avdelare L=1100 H=250 mm
1301401311Avdelare L=1200 H=250 mm
1301401312Avdelare L=1300 H=250 mm
1301401313Avdelare L=1400 H=250 mm
1301401314Avdelare L=1500 H=250 mm
1301401315Avdelare L=1600 H=250 mm
1301401316Avdelare L=1700 H=250 mm
1301401317Avdelare L=1800 H=250 mm
1301401318Avdelare L=1900 H=250 mm
1301401319Avdelare L=2000 H=250 mm
1301401320Avdelare L=2100 H=250 mm
1301401321Avdelare L=2200 H=250 mm
1301401322Avdelare L=2300 H=250 mm
1301401323Avdelare L=2400 H=250 mm
1301402000Ram G2 1220 H=50 mm
1301402001Ram G2 1220 H=75 mm
1301402002Ram G2 1220 H=100 mm
1301402003Ram G2 1220 H=125 mm
1301402004Ram G2 1220 H=150 mm
1301402005Ram G2 1220 H=175 mm
1301402006Ram G2 1220 H=200 mm
1301402007Ram G2 1220 H=225 mm
1301402008Ram G2 1220 H=250 mm
1301402010Ram G2 1830 H=50 mm
1301402011Ram G2 1830 H=75 mm
1301402012Ram G2 1830 H=100 mm
1301402013Ram G2 1830 H=125 mm
1301402014Ram G2 1830 H=150 mm
1301402015Ram G2 1830 H=175 mm
1301402016Ram G2 1830 H=200 mm
1301402017Ram G2 1830 H=225 mm
1301402018Ram G2 1830 H=250 mm
1301402020Ram G2 2440 H=50 mm
1301402021Ram G2 2440 H=75 mm
1301402022Ram G2 2440 H=100 mm
1301402023Ram G2 2440 H=125 mm
1301402024Ram G2 2440 H=150 mm
1301402025Ram G2 2440 H=175 mm
1301402026Ram G2 2440 H=200 mm
1301402027Ram G2 2440 H=225 mm
1301402028Ram G2 2440 H=250 mm
1301402030Ram G2 3050 H=50 mm
1301402031Ram G2 3050 H=75 mm
1301402032Ram G2 3050 H=100 mm
1301402033Ram G2 3050 H=125 mm
1301402034Ram G2 3050 H=150 mm
1301402035Ram G2 3050 H=175 mm
1301402036Ram G2 3050 H=200 mm
1301402037Ram G2 3050 H=225 mm
1301402038Ram G2 3050 H=250 mm
1301402042Ram G2 3660 H=100 mm
1301402043Ram G2 3660 H=125 mm
1301402044Ram G2 3660 H=150 mm
1301402045Ram G2 3660 H=175 mm
1301402046Ram G2 3660 H=200 mm
1301402047Ram G2 3660 H=225 mm
1301402048Ram G2 3660 H=250 mm

Vacuum formed fittings

The vacuum formed fittings are ideal for small items (screws, nuts, springs etc.) and is also ergonomic (soft corners, easy to pick from). It is made from durable plastic and can either be delivered in customised or standard format. The fittings are available in two standard designs: 800 x 1200 mm with 26 compartments, H = 100 mm, and 600 x 400 mm with 10 compartments, H = 50 mm.

Article NumberName (BxDxH)Compartment (BxD)
1301401510Formgjuten inredning 800x1200x100 mm20 st fack 250×130 mm, 8 st fack 115×130 mm
1301404001Formgjuten inredning 600x400x50 mm24 st fack 93×93 mm
1301404003Formgjuten inredning 600x800x100 mm36 st fack fram 82×82 mm, 3 st fack bak 182×182 mm
1301404004Formgjuten inredning 600x800x100 mm16 st fack 183×133 mm
1301404005Formgjuten inredning 600x800x150 mm12 st fack 181×181 mm
1301404006Formgjuten inredning 600x800x150 mm6 st fack 382×181 mm
1301404007Formgjuten inredning 600x800x200 mm4 st fack 378×278 mm

Euro containers

The design of the container ensures stability during transit. The straight sides and modular sizes simplify stacking and storing. The solid containers come with a solid, smooth base as standard. Withstand temperatures between -30º and +70ºC.

Article NumberName
7061017Euroback 600x400x120 Silverline grå
7061019Euroback 600x400x180 Silverline grå
7061021Euroback 600x400x220 Silverline grå

Plastic bins

Designed for various warehouse and paternoster systems, where high demands are placed on a bin with a large internal volume. Transparent dividing walls with a label holder are available as accessories. The bin has a label space for self-adhesive labels on the front and rear edges.

Article NumberName
7061116Lagerlåda 400x115x100 blå
7061117Lagerlåda 400x230x100 blå
7061140Mellanvägg 115×100 mm, Transparent
7061141Mellanvägg 230×100 mm, Transparent
7061203Lagerlåda 300x115x100 blå
7061204Lagerlåda 300x230x100 blå
7061205Lagerlåda 500x115x100 blå
7061206Lagerlåda 500x230x100 blå
7061207Etikett 115 inkl plastskydd
7061208Etikett 230 inkl plastskydd

Load tray mat

Thin rubber mat that can be rolled out on a load tray to stop items from moving about. The load tray mat is sold in complete rolls only.

Article NumberName
1301404002Gummimatta T=0,75mm B=818mm L=25m