To optimize the storage space in your vertical storage lift, you can fit trays in different ways based on how your business works and what items you store. We can offer fittings that can handle the different characteristics of most items/goods.

The shape, size, weight, and quantity of each item must be taken into account when making the calculations. Perhaps some items require particularly gentle handling, or maybe you are dealing with a product that causes fittings to wear more quickly. Get in touch and we’ll help you find the right option from our extensive range.

Sheet metal fitting

A durable fitting made from galvanized sheet metal that is perfect for industrial settings as the material is able to withstand contact with grease and oil. We fabricate sheet metal fittings in heights from 100 up to 250 mm with a 50 mm sectioning, and lengths from 100 mm to 800 mm with a 100 mm sectioning. Selected dimensions are kept in stock, whilst other dimensions are available to order.

Item numberDesignation
FRA12200820100Frame G2 1220 H=100 mm
FRA18300820100Frame G2 1830 H=100 mm
FRA24400820100Frame G2 2440 H=100 mm
FRA30500820100Frame G2 3050 H=100 mm
FRA36600820100Frame G2 3660 H=100 mm
FAV0100100Divider L=100 H=100 mm
FAV0200100Divider L=200 H=100 mm
FAV0300100Divider L=300 H=100 mm
FAV0400100Divider L=400 H=100 mm
FAV0500100Divider L=500 H=100 mm
FAV0600100Divider L=600 H=100 mm
FAV0700100Divider L=700 H=100 mm
FAV0800100Divider L=800 H=100 mm
Item numberDesignation
FRA12200820150Frame G2 1220 H=150 mm
FRA18300820150Frame G2 1830 H=150 mm
FRA24400820150Frame G2 2440 H=150 mm
FRA30500820150Frame G2 3050 H=150 mm
FRA36600820150Frame G2 3660 H=150 mm
FAV0200150Divider L=200 H=150 mm
FAV0300150Divider L=300 H=150 mm
FAV0400150Divider L=400 H=150 mm
FAV0500150Divider L=500 H=150 mm
FAV0600150Divider L=600 H=150 mm
FAV0700150Divider L=700 H=150 mm
FAV0800150Divider L=800 H=150 mm
Item numberDesignation
FRA12200820200Frame G2 1220 H=200 mm
FRA18300820200Frame G2 1830 H=200 mm
FRA24400820200Frame G2 2440 H=200 mm
FRA30500820200Frame G2 3050 H=200 mm
FRA36600820200Frame G2 3660 H=200 mm
FAV0200200Divider L=200 H=200 mm
FAV0300200Divider L=300 H=200 mm
FAV0400200Divider L=400 H=200 mm
FAV0500200Divider L=500 H=200 mm
FAV0600200Divider L=600 H=200 mm
FAV0700200Divider L=700 H=200 mm
FAV0800200Divider L=800 H=200 mm
Item numberDesignation
FRA12200820250Frame G2 1220 H=250 mm
FRA18300820250Frame G2 1830 H=250 mm
FRA24400820250Frame G2 2440 H=250 mm
FRA30500820250Frame G2 3050 H=250 mm
FRA36600820250Frame G2 3660 H=250 mm
FAV0200250Divider L=200 H=250 mm
FAV0300250Divider L=300 H=250 mm
FAV0400250Divider L=400 H=250 mm
FAV0500250Divider L=500 H=250 mm
FAV0600250Divider L=600 H=250 mm
FAV0700250Divider L=700 H=250 mm
FAV0800250Divider L=800 H=250 mm
FAV1200250Divider L=1200 H=250 mm

Weland box

A flexible plastic box that has been specially produced for use with Compact vertical storage lifts. The Weland box is designed to enable a tray to be filled to its maximum. It can be customized both lengthwise and widthwise using separators and dividing walls, creating between 1 and 16 storage locations in each box.

Item numberDesignation
7061202Dividing wall 800×70 mm
7061201Dividing wall 200×70 mm

Corrugated cardboard box

Our simplest fitting, made from lightweight, seamless corrugated cardboard with four compartments that is suitable for the picking of small components. These boxes are available in a range of different sizes and can satisfy most storage needs. Corrugated cardboard boxes are supplied complete with dividing walls that divide the box into smaller compartments (except FKA800400200 for which separators are sold separately).

Item numberDesignation (LxWxH)
FKA400200050Carton with 4 compartments, 400×200 mm, H=50
FKA400200075Carton with 4 compartments, 400×200 mm. H=75
FKA400200100Carton with 4 compartments, 400×200 mm, H=100
FKA800200150Carton with 4 compartments, 800×200 mm, H=150
FKA800400200Carton with 4 compartments, 800×400 mm, H=200
FKAA400*200Carton separator, 400 mm, H=200

Vacuum formed fitting

An ergonomic and durable fitting made from vacuum formed plastic with soft corners that makes it easy to pick from. The fitting is particularly suited for small items such as screws, nuts, springs, etc.

Item numberDesignationcompartment
1301401510Vaccum formed 800×1200,=100 mm28
1301404001Vaccum formed 600×400,=50 mm24
1301404004Vaccum formed 600×800,=100 mm16
1301404005Vaccum formed 600×800,=150 mm12
1301404006Vaccum formed 600×800,=150 mm6
1301404007Vaccum formed 600×800,=200 mm4

Rubber tray mat

A thin rubber mat that ensures that goods lie stably and do not slide on the tray. It also acts as an impact damper and protects against wear. The mat can be easily removed to rinse, making it a good choice to use with goods that leave a residue behind. Sold only in whole rolls.

Item numberDesignation
1301404002Rubber mat , T=0.75mm , W=818mm , L=25m