Compact Twin

When time is of the essence, Compact Twin is the natural answer. Because this vertical storage lift works with two trays at the same time, picking speeds can more than double.

Whilst the operator is picking from one tray, the vertical storage lift is retrieving the next tray. Compact Twin is the unbeatable option for businesses that require a high picking speed with full control, whether you are picking just a few or multiple instances of each item.

How picking works

The operator starts an order with a picking list in Compact Store. The vertical storage lift goes and retrieves the tray with the first pick. Whilst the operator is picking from that tray, the lift retrieves the next tray and places it in the waiting position. As soon as the first pick is acknowledged, the trays change position, allowing the next pick to begin. At this point, the vertical storage lift is already retrieving the next tray.

Build your own Compact Twin

Do you want to get started by doing a little work yourself? By using our configuration tool, you can quickly and easily “build” a custom version of our Compact Twin.

How Compact Twin works


  • Max. load capacity: 50,000 kg
  • Height: 3,000 – 16,000 mm
  • Width: 2,307 – 4,137 mm
  • Depth: 2,698 – 2,998 mm
  • Tray width: 1,830 – 3,660 mm
  • Tray depth: 670– 820 mm
  • Tray division: 25 mm
  • Max. load weight per tray: 300 – 500 kg
  • Goods height feed (in 25 mm intervals)
  • Goods height feet: option up to 1,000 mm
  • Safety curtain for personal protection
  • Warehouse optimization
  • Weight check
  • Password protection
  • Group rights and authorization
  • Multi-language selection
  • Ambient temperature / Relative humidity (% RH) no condensation: 2 – 40/10 – 85 %
  • Voltage, 3-phase: 400 V
  • Current, AC 50 Hz (A): 25/32


Compact Twin can be equipped with a whole host of optional extras that improve the user experience in different ways. Whilst it is better to purchase these optional extras at the same time as the vertical storage lift, it is also possible to retrofit them. In addition to the optional extras described below, you can also add ESD protection, retractable steps, and fall protection. Speak with your sales representative to find out which options are best suited to your business.

Fire extinguishing system


In some particularly sensitive environments, it may be necessary to equip your vertical storage lift with a fire extinguishing system. The purpose of this is to protect the main operation in the lift box.

A powder extinguisher (Co2)is installed in the lift box, and a hose connected to the extinguisher is placed around the main motor. This hose works both as an extinguishing agent conveyor and a detector that, in the event of the accumulation of excessive heat or fire breaking out, burns off and starts fast and effective point extinguishing. The operator also receives an alarm in the operator control panel. This type of system is called Direct High Pressure system (DHP) and can be installed on all Compact vertical storage lifts.

Exterior color change


Our vertical storage lifts are painted blue and silver as standard, but this can be changed to any color you require. To match your other fittings or the livery of your company, you can, as an optional extra, choose any RAL color(s) you want. You can also have your vertical storage lift painted in a single color.

Height measurement


Our vertical storage lifts are equipped with a height measurement tool that goes up to 565 mm as standard. This can be optionally extended to measure a height of up to 990 mm.

Hatch shutter


Panel shutter doors create dust-free, attractive, and secure storage inside the vertical storage lift. Our specially adapted panel shutter doors make Compact Twin even more pleasing to the eye, reduce noise, and keep the products stored in the lift clean and fresh. In addition, they also prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access to the goods.


Swapping out parts of the upholstered panels on the ends of the vertical storage lift with transparent cladding creates an exciting design element. LED lighting inside the lift helps magnify the effect.


The standard version of our vertical storage lifts are compliant with the requirements of the Machinery Directive in respect of noise levels. Should you wish to reduce noise levels even further, a comfort pack can be added that adds additional sound insulation at the service opening.


Extracts are usually necessary for handling larger and heavier items that require the use of lifting equipment or handling using trucks. The short extracts facilitates the picking of smaller items. Our 100% extract allows the tray to deliver goods fully out of the vertical storage lift so that it can be lifted upwards without any impediment. Extracts are available as fixed or telescopic solutions and supplied with complete safety equipment, including sound curtain, crush protection, and an emergency stop.

Simplify and improve your picking environment even more

In order to make picking as quick and easy as possible, we offer a number of different picking tools. Having the right accessories and tray fittings gives you the optimal chance to create a pleasant and effective working environment.

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Interested in what a Compact Twin can do to streamline your warehouse operations? Get in touch and we’ll help build a complete solution for you.