In order to create an even better working environment at your vertical storage lift, we also offer a range of accessories that raise levels of ergonomics still further. Standing at a vertical storage lift all day can be taxing on the legs, back, and hearing. Select the accessories your business needs in order to allow your employees to be happier, healthier, and more efficient.

Ergo mat

A workplace mat made from a plastic material with sprung intermediate layer that improves working environments where employees do a lot of walking and standing. The mat has a wear surface with closed cells that counteract muscle tension in the back and legs. It is anti-slip, easy to clean, and simple to move. The material has a sound dampening effect and insulates against both heat and cold. The mat is resistant to oils and chemicals. Can be bought in any length or as a full 18.3 meter roll.

Item numberDesignation
1310200120Workplace mat 910×18300 mm roll
1310200121Workplace mat 1220×18300 mm roll
1310200122Workplace mat 910 mm x any length
1310200123Workplace mat 1220 mm x any length

PC kit

A practical support for hanging up printer, monitor and keyboard, which eases the picking process and contributes to a more ergonomic working posture. The kit can be easily fitted to the existing tube on the display side. Alternatively, you can purchase a separate tube to suspend the support on the other side if you prefer. Sold both as a complete kit (tube and three parts) and as separate products.

Item numberDesignation
FPCG2DAccessory PC Kit, display side
FPCG2NSAccessory PC Kit, non-display side

Collision protection

Depending on the position of the vertical storage lift in the warehouse and how many trucks are in motion at any one time, collision protection may be necessary. Our robust collision protection system can be used to protect vertical storage lifts, walls, and work areas from impacts.

The core of the collision protection is made from a sigma beam, which is a lightweight, highly durable carrier beam. The protection is anchored to either the base or the ground and supplemented with a support, terminal, and corner. We recommend one support foot per joint and per meter length. Use the dimensions to easily build collision protection in modules.

Item numberDesignation
110330401000Collision protection H400 L1000
110330401100Collision protection H400 L1100
110330401200Collision protection H400 L1200
110330401300Collision protection H400 L1300
110330401400Collision protection H400 L1400
110330401500Collision protection H400 L1500
110330401600Collision protection H400 L1600
110330401700Collision protection H400 L1700
110330401800Collision protection H400 L1800
110330401900Collision protection H400 L1900
110330402000Collision protection H400 L2000
110330403000Collision protection H400 L3000
110330404000Collision protection H400 L4000
121900156Support foot
121900156Corner angle
121900226End piece

Panel shutter door

Our panel shutter consists of three laminate hatches that can be quickly opened and closed at the rear edge of the handling opening. It gives the vertical storage lift an even more pleasing appearance, dampens noise, and keeps the products stored therein clean and fresh.

The shutters are made from strong laminate sheets filled with cellular plastic. This creates a robust and durable solution and lasts for an extended period of time. The shutter can be purchased as an accessory and is compatible with all our vertical storage lifts with lift widths of 1220 – 4000 mm and standard height. The shutter can accommodate goods with a height of up to 775 mm.

Item numberDesignation
FCJG23-1220Panel shutter door 1220
FCJG23-1830Panel shutter door 1830
FCJG23-2440Panel shutter door 2440
FCJG23-3050Panel shutter door 3050
FCJG23-3660Panel shutter door 3660
FCJG23-4000Panel shutter door 4000