Scanner, to acknowledge items, storage locations and orders. A scanner increases the reliability of picking management. Scanner reading requires control by the WMS or ERP system.

Fire Extinguishing System

In certain especially sensitive environments, equipping the vertical storage lift with a fire extinguishing system may be justified. In which case, it is the main drive in the elevator that is protected.

A 2 kg COextinguisher is mounted in the elevator box and a hose connected to the extinguisher is placed around the main engine. The hose functions both as an extinguishing agent conveyor and a detector that burns off in the event of overheating or fire and it becomes a quick and efficient point extinguishing. The operator also receives an alarm in the operator panel. The system is called Direct High Pressure System (DHP). This system can be mounted on all Weland Solutions elevator models.

Article numberName
FSCAN-GRYPHONScanner Gryphon GM4130
FSCAN-GRYPHON1Scanner Gryphon GM4130 for input
FSCAN-GRYPHON2Scanner Gryphon GM4130 to acknowledge items
FSCAN-LXE8670Ring scanner LXE8670


Make the workplace more effective with smart solutions for acknowledgement. Save time and effort by using automatic, wireless or hands-free acknowledgement of picking.

The acknowledgement list sits under the operating opening and makes it possible to acknowledge the pick at any point along the entire width of the vertical storage lift.

Article NumberName
FTK01Wireless acknowledgement button
FFP-10MFoot pedal
FKG-1220Acknowledgement sensor 1220
FKG-1830Acknowledgement sensor 1830
FKG-2440Acknowledgement sensor 2440
FKG-3050Acknowledgement sensor 3050
FKG-3660Acknowledgement sensor 3660


Trolley for when it is necessary for whole trays to be removed and “borrowed” from the vertical storage lift.

Among other things, the trolley is suitable where preassembled parts for a final assembly lie on a tray that has to be run to the final assembly. The trolley is also suitable when service and replacement kits are on the tray, which is run to the machine/plant to be repaired.

Article NumberName
FTROLLEY1220Trolley for tray 1220
FTROLLEY1830Trolley for tray 1830
FTROLLEY2440Trolley for tray 2440
FTROLLEY3050Trolley for tray 3050
FTROLLEY3660Trolley for tray 3660

Label printer

Label Printer, for printing orders labels, item labels and storage location labels. A frame for mounting to the machine is available as an extra accessory. Label printing requires control by the WMS or ERP system.

Article NumberName
FEP01Label printer Datamax MP
FEP02Label printer Zebra


PC-kit, a practical stand for hanging up printer, monitor and keyboard.

Article NumberName
FPCG2DAccessory PC Kit, display side
FPCG2NSAccessory PC Kit, non-display side

Collision protection

Robust collision protection that protect vertical storage lifts, walls and work spaces from collisions with forklifts. The collision protection is manufactured with a sigma beam base, a support beam with low weight and high strength. The protection is anchored to the surface or the ground and is built up with the components’ support, end and corner. The modular design dimensions make it simple to build the collision protection to suit your needs.

Article NumberName
110330401000Collision protection t3 P400 L1000
110330401100Collision protection t3 P400 L1100
110330401200Collision protection t3 P400 L1200
110330401300Collision protection t3 P400 L1300
110330401400Collision protection t3 P400 L1400
110330401500Collision protection t3 P400 L1500
110330401600Collision protection t3 P400 L1600
110330401700Collision protection t3 P400 L1700
110330401800Collision protection t3 P400 L1800
110330401900Collision protection t3 P400 L1900
110330402000Collision protection t3 P400 L2000
110330403000Collision protection t3 P400 L3000
110330404000Collision protection t3 P400 L4000
121900156Corner angle

Panel shutter door

Our own panel shutter door, designed from three durable laminate doors that quickly fold upwards like a lift curtain. Makes the Compact Lift even more pleasant to look at, muffling the sound of the lift and keeping the stored products clean and fresh. In addition, it prevents unauthorized personnel from being able to take anything from the trays. 

The panel shutter door consists of sturdy laminate boards filled with expanded foamed plastic. This creates a robust and durable solution that does not deteriorate over time. The panel shutter door can be purchased as an accessory for all Compact Lift model types with lift widths from 1220 – 4000 mm and which are of standard height. It opens to a freight height of up to 775 mm.

Article NumberName
FCJG23-1220Panel shutter door 1220
FCJG23-1830Panel shutter door 1830
FCJG23-2440Panel shutter door 2440
FCJG23-3050Panel shutter door 3050
FCJG23-3660Panel shutter door 3660
FCJG23-4000Panel shutter door 4000

Cycle shutter

Cycle shutter, which screens off the service opening. Keeps the vertical storage lift free from dust and contamination internally. Creates a better work environment with considerably reduced noise. Also acts as protection against theft, as it can be controlled by user rights.

Article NumberName
FCJG22-1220Cycle shutter 1220
FCJG22-1830Cycle shutter 1830
FCJG22-2440Cycle shutter 2440
FCJG22-3050Cycle shutter 3050
FCJG22-3660Cycle shutter 3660