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With Weland Solutions, customers get service for safe and reliable operation

Our Swedish maintenance organization has bases in Gislaved and Västerås, covering the entire country. In other countries, we live up to the same promises we make to Swedish customers through our distributors, who bear responsibility for service and support in their respective markets.

“On the Swedish market, three colleagues are responsible for technical support, working in conjunction with five service engineers who work out in the field. We supplement this with collaborative relationships with external partners, enabling us to keep our promise of nationwide coverage,” says Daniel Englund, Aftermarket Manager at Weland Solutions in Sweden.

Advantages of signing a maintenance contract
During working hours, support is available to all customers, but for those who do not have a service agreement with us, a small charge is levied.

“We must be available to all our customers, but there are clear advantages to signing a service agreement with us, advantages that most of our customers have already discovered,” says Englund.

If you have a service agreement, and depending on how that agreement is designed, you have access to both technical support and software support. It may be about support in addition to that which is available during working hours or setting an engineer’s appointment, but could also be about a planned service of vertical storage lifts.

“We calculate the number of service intervals that the machine needs every year and ensure that servicing is carried out at those predetermined times. The intervals are calculated taking the customer’s business and how often and hard lifts are run every day. It’s a cost-effective way of avoiding any operational stoppages,” explains Englund.

“The maintenance organisation is also about to connect to customers’ facilities, read fault codes, and remotely operate lift machines using the TeamViewer system, if the on site operator so requires.”

Training creates advantages
When a lift machine is installed at a customer’s premises, “handover training” is included to ensure that the customer has a basic understanding of the functions of the lift machine. This training focuses on machine safety, enabling users to get started quickly and be able to use the machine in a safe and efficient manner.

Englund explains more:
“In addition to our agreements, we also offer various different levels of training – operator training, superuser training, and technician training. This is something both we and our customers appreciate. It helps us to get to know each other and create a relationship, and when customers need our help, it enables us to discuss things on a more complex technical level. The better trained customers are, the easier it is for us to give effective support”.