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Smidmek needed to expand its storage capacity

In Reftele, southern Sweden, Smidmek AB has its production. The company works with tool steel, assembly and processing of castings. Employees handle heavy raw materials from steel on a daily basis, which places high demands on inventory management.

Already in 2011, Weland Solutions delivered three lift machines of the model Compact Lift 1220, and now in 2021 it was time again.

Sam Andreasen, salesman at Weland Solutions
– The request we received was about increasing the number of storage places for Smidmek. We chose to repeat the bearing solution with 3 x Compact Lift 1220 again for the simple reason that each load tray withstands a load of 700 kg. In addition, it is space efficient.

What do you mean by space efficient?
– Only 15.2 square meters accommodate 240 load trays of 1 square meter each. It thus provides 240 square meters of storage on a floor area of 15.7 square meters. That’s a lot of content in a small area.

Are there more benefits to the Compact Lift 1220?
– To create an ergonomic handling of the heavy steel goods, Smidmek has chosen to mount overhanging lifting devices. These in combination with the verticle storage lifts’ telescopic pull-outs make it possible for employees to lift heavy goods as gently as possible.




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