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By storing your items securely and in a well-organized manner high up in a vertical storage lift, you can maximize the efficiency of your entire warehouse management process.

Every vertical storage lift can be adapted to utilize storage space in the most optimal way, which means that you can save as much as 90% of floor space compared to using traditional shelf or pallet racks. Automating all or parts of your warehouse means that picking becomes faster and simpler, whilst also minimizing picking errors. In addition, employees enjoy a significantly improved working environment.

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Advantages of warehouse optimization using vertical storage lifts

1. Streamlined storage space

A vertical storage lift can utilize the full height of your premises. The distance between trays is only 25 mm and is measured every time a tray goes into the system. Because the height of the tray is adapted according to the size of the items stored on it, your storage is always optimized. Compared with traditional shelf or pallet racks, you can save up to 90% of floor space by storing items in our vertical storage lifts. Now that’s warehouse optimization!

2. Increased picking speed

Warehouse optimization using vertical storage lifts is built around items being delivered direct to the employee – goods-to-man – instead of the employee having to retrieve the items he/she wants – man-to-goods. Orders are keyed in and the items are delivered on a tray in the handling opening. Whilst the goods are being picked, the vertical storage lift is already looking for the next item, minimizing waiting times. A vertical storage lift operator usually manages to pick up to four times as many items as from a traditional pallet rack storage solution in the same amount of time. In addition, picking errors are reduced by as much as 99.9%!

3. Better ergonomics

When goods are stored in a vertical storage lift, the right item is quickly delivered to the operator on a tray at a comfortable working height. The need for employees to run around amongst pallet racks and trucks to find and pick items is significantly reduced. A lot of time and steps are save compared to a traditional warehouse layout, and staff safety is increased. The upshot of all this is better ergonomics and less physical stress, the results of which are quickly reflected in lower levels of sick leave.

4. Versatile storage

Compact vertical storage lifts are available in a number of different models, sizes, and storage capacities, and your choice is dictated by the type of goods to be stored and the nature of your business. Everything from small components and screws, to pipes, large plates, or machine parts with a total weight of up to 1.5 tons per tray can be stored in a vertical storage lift. Products are kept clean and secure, only accessible to authorized operators.

5. Reliable operation

Compact vertical storage lifts are extremely reliable. The technology is built around gear racks that run along the entire height of the lift and four cogs that drive the lift mechanism itself. The stable 4-wheel operation requires no load balancing, which reduces the need for maintenance. Everything runs at high speed and the systems that control the vertical storage lifts are tried and tested, ensuring a long and reliable service life.


6. Fast ROI

Many of our customers have been postively surprised by how quickly their investment in a Compact vertical storage lift pays for itself. It’s not uncommon for a lift to achieve this within one year. Contact one of our sales team to get a quote for your project!

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