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Test your warehouse solution

To know if you can optimize your warehouse solution, try our simple and quick web test.

We have developed a web-based world-unique configurator that allows you to build your own vertical storage lift. Before you start to build, we recommend that you do our quick and easy web test.

Test how good your warehouse solution is with our web test »

Click on the six answers that best suit your business and you will receive a recommendation at the end.

If the answer recommends that you contact one of our skilled salespeople, it is only because your need requires a little more than what our configurator is currently developed for.

If you are recommended to use the configurator, just start building! You are guided in simple steps.


Curious about the configurator?

Here you will find it » 

Do you want to get in touch with our sales staff?

You find their contact information here »

Together we create a tailor-made warehouse solution for your specific needs!