Raise warehouse efficiency with a vertical storage lift

Being able to take an active hold of your company’s warehouse streamlining can be a critical factor in remaining competitive. An efficient warehouse is the key to seamless logistics and fast order fulfillment. By installing a vertical storage lift, your company can achieve significant warehouse efficiencies, whilst also saving floor space, increasing picking speeds, improving health and safety, and minimizing delivery errors.

Warehouse streamlining floor space

A vertical storage lift enables the optimal use of your warehouse space. By stacking your items vertically inside the lift, it is possible to free up as much as 90 % of warehouse floor space. This means that you can maximize your storage capacity without having to invest in larger premises or extending the existing warehouse.

Warehouse streamlining with faster picking

One of the main benefits of a vertical storage lift is its ability to speed up the picking process, thereby increasing warehouse efficiency. Instead of having to spend time running round looking for products waiting for trucks to become available, warehouse staff can quickly and easily pick items from the lift through a single handling opening. This result in a marked increase in picking speed and reductions in order picking and packing lead times.

Warehouse streamlining with a better working environment

Another important aspect of warehouse streamlining is the way it improves the working environment. By eliminating heavy lifts and reducing running, you decrease the risk of work-related injuries and excessive physical exertion. This creates a safer and healthier working environment with happier and more committed employees and lower levels of absence due to illness.

Warehouse streamlining with minimized picking errors

Warehouse streamlining using a vertical storage lift also contributes to minimizing picking errors. The lift software keeps a track on the status of the entire warehouse and can say where from and how many of each item is to be picked and in what order it shall be placed. By automating and optimizing the goods flow, you minimize picking errors and incorrect deliveries. A vertical storage lift enables fast and accurate management of your warehouse.

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