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Efficient handling of long goods in a Compact Lift 6450

Swedish RZ Abak in Trollhättan was overcrowded and had to store goods in various premises. In addition to the work becoming inefficient, the storage created major logistics problems.

RZ ABAK  manufactures welded structures that are built around bent pipes. The company’s 50 employees have extensive experience of pipe bending and welding of pipe structures.

To deal with the unproductive inventory management, they chose to contact Weland Solutions.

Sam Andreasen, salesman at Weland Solutions tells more:

– RZ Abak experienced problems with lack of space. Previously, all goods had been stored in the yard and on the other side of the road in a separate warehouse. This created major logistical problems.

With the help of one piece of Compact Lift 6450 with double openings and double shaft, space was created to handle all their long goods in the existing warehouse.
In connection with the deal, a Compact Twin 3050 Heavy was also ordered to handle small goods.