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BMW Brilliance Automotive wanted to save space and time

BWM Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd. is located in Shenyang City, China. The maintenance department handles lots of spare parts and tools and the company has been looking for a solution that saves both space and time.

Together with the dealer WLD, Weland Solution has presented Compact Lift as a solution for the needs of BMW. After discussions and planning, BMW decided to invest in two Compact Lift 1830.

Inventory management at height saves space
The two Compact Lift units are each almost 8 meters high and facilitate the work of the staff in the maintenance department. They hold spare parts and tools and free up at least 70 percent space. At the same time, they make the work much more efficient with reduced risk of incorrect picking.

What does BMW Brilliance Automotive think about the Compact Lift?
WLD both installed and tested the automatic lifts and since May 2021, the Compact Lift units have been in operation. We asked Peter Ni at WLD what BMW thinks of their vertical storage lifts:
– The statement from BMW is only positive and they are very pleased with the performance of the automatic lifts.




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