Weland Solutions

Weland Solutions is a Swedish manufacturer of vertical storage lifts that streamline warehouse management and logistics in industry and e-commerce. With our products, you can save up to 90% of your floor space, simplify handling, increase picking speed, minimize picking errors and optimize your work environment.

Weland Solutions’ strength lies in our high level of competence, great responsiveness and drive for innovation to increase our customers’ profitability and improve the work environment for employees. We always try to solve our customer’s needs through close collaboration, and by applying the right solution in the right place. Our continuous product development makes us a long-term partner you can trust. Thorough routines ensure efficient inventory management and products that are long-lasting that meet the demands of the future.

Compact Logistic System AB was started in Smålandsstenar as early as 1999. At the same time, we started the development of Compact Lift and Compact Twin – our powerful vertical storage lifts, which are now available in a variety of models in terms of width, height and depth. In 2001, Weland AB became a partner and in 2003 Compact Logistic System AB moved to Gislaved where production is located today. In 2006, the company changed its name to Weland Lagersystem AB.

In 2018 the company took its present name, Weland Solutions AB. The name better reflects the global company we are today, with representation in 18 countries and distribution to over 30. We have an annual turnover of approximately SEK 160 million and 60 employees. Our own sales offices are located in Gislaved, Gothenburg and Västerås. Despite our global brand, all our development, construction and manufacturing still takes place in Gislaved.