Weland Solutions co-operates with BITO Lagersystem


Weland Solutions and BITO Lagersystem have started to co-operate in Sweden, Finland and Poland.

– We see that our companies work in similar ways and with the same categories of customers, says Björn Karlsson, CEO of Weland Solutions. BITO deals with warehouse layout solutions and we deal with automation in warehouse management. Together, we are a comprehensive supplier of professional warehouse solutions.

An example where the two companies’ solutions work well together is BITO Lagersystem’s AGV solution (Automated Guided Vehicles) LEO Locative, which means that automated vehicles transport boxes from and to Weland Solutions’ various vertical storage lifts.

– It is also worth pointing out that both Weland Solutions and BITO Lagersystem have their own production and are family owned, Björn Karlsson says.

Moreover, he says that the purpose of the co-operation is that both companies will work together in all active markets in the future.