Weland Lagersystem is changing its name


Weland Lagersystem, with their space saving warehouse- and effective logistics solutions, is expanding and now sell more on the export market than in Sweden. – Today we are a global company with an international target. We are now strengthening our organisation and expanding our offer in order to grow along with our customers. At the same time we are changing our name to Weland Solutions AB, says Björn Karlsson, CEO.

From Småland out into the world
The company was started in Smålandsstenar in 1999 and has grown steadily ever since. Today the company’s products and solutions can be found in installations in 28 countries. – Our largest single market is still Sweden, but export sales are since long larger and continue to grow. We are now adjusting our sales organisation to keep growing, but we are also strengthening our service and support division. To us it’s a big difference between simply selling and being able to fully work together with our customers.

Expanded export offerings
The business concept has been the same since the beginning. The company develops and manufactures vertical storage lifts and storage equipment to achieve the best possible storage capacity for the available footprint. – To us, flexibility and quality will always come before standard. Customers get complete, customised warehouse management systems that optimize logistics in an optimal way. That is one of the reasons we gained the trust to follow our customers throughout the world. Small and medium sized companies, but also large global brands like Procter & Gamble, Jaguar and Landrover, Scania and Volkswagen. Nevertheless, all our development, construction and manufacturing still take place in Gislaved.

Kickoff at Elmia Subcontractor
For a closer look at Weland Solutions and a chance to talk more about customised vertical storage lifts, innovative warehouse management systems and cost-effective logistics, we’ll be exhibiting at Elmia Subcontractor on November 13-16. – We look forward to the trade fair. It’s always good to meet customers and colleagues in the business. For us, the trade fair will also be a clear start to our global venture, with a sharpened organization and a new name, says Björn Karlsson, CEO of Weland Solutions AB.