Visit us at the Logistics & Distribution Exhibition


Meet us at the exhibition and hear how customized vertical storage lifts both maximizes the floor space and optimises the warehouse. Logistics & Distribution will be held on 21-22 September in Kistamässan, Stockholm.

With our lifts you get faster handling of more items in less space. A lift system saves up to 90 % of floor space compared to conventional pallet racks. At the exhibition, we will tell your about our customizations. Tetra Pak uses Weland Solutions customized automatic lifts to handle cargo up to 7 meters. The lifts which makes it possible for Tetra Pak to put the goods in directly from a truck. In addition, all vertical storage lifts in the Compact series can handle heavy weights.

“Tetra Pak will be able to save a lot of floor space and increase the efficiency of their picking rate,” Björn Karlsson, CEO at Weland Solutions, says.

Logistics & Distribution is Stockholm’s only comprehensive exhibition for the logistics and distribution industry. Our stand is D:04.