Ur&Penn invested in a fully automated storage system


The staff at the warehouse of Ur&Penn used to handle their goods manually with trolleys. By switching to storage lifts and a new pick-up solution they went from picking 250 orders to 1500 orders an hour.

From their main warehouse in Stockholm, Ur&Penn distributes products all over Sweden and Finland. With a daily delivery to 100 stores, they had to increase their capacity and needed assistance from Weland Solutions.

Today, Ur&Penn has achieved a unique pick-up rate. According to Björn Karlsson, CEO at Weland Solutions, this is due to the smart combination of the storage lift Compact Twin, the WMS-system Compact Store and the pick-up tool Put to Light.

Compact Twin

Ur&Penn chose to invest in the storage Compact Twin, as they could save up to 70 percent more floor space compared to traditional shelving systems. The Compact Twin also has a load capacity of 50 tons and horizontal photocells that controls the height of the goods. By handling two load trays in the same sequence, with one tray in standby and one in position, the picking speed can be more than doubled.

– We are developing Compact Twin all the time and have developed several new machines that can handle longer goods and heavier weight per load tray. We also work with automation were we connect the machines with a robot, CNC machine or a process line, says Björn.

Compact Store

To control the storage lifts Ur&Penn installed the WMS-system Compact Store from Weland Solutions. The Compact Store allows the user to easily connect new features as they are needed. Which means it can cover the customer’s future needs if the size or the complexity of the warehouse is changing. The system supports normal operations such as deliveries, compilations, prioritizations, starting of new orders, filling articles and inventory.

On Weland Solutions’ recommendation, Ur&Penn chose to complete the storage system with the pick-up tool Put to Light and a barcode reader to ensure that the correct item is picked. It helps the operator to handle batch picking/parallel picking and indicates which order an item should be placed with after it has been picked from the storage lift.

– Ur&Penn has used all the tools we recommended for picking and that is why they have achieved such high efficiency, concludes Björn.