Smart tyre storage with vertical storage lift


Weland Solutions has developed a clever customization to store tyres. The storage means that the tyres are stored in a Compact Double vertical storage lift, which saves time and reduces staff costs. Traditionally, wholesales keep tyres on tyre racks similar to pallet racks. Weland Solutions’ customization means that the tyres instead are stored in a vertical storage lift. According to Björn Karlsson, CEO at Weland Solutions, a large quantity of tyres can be stored. – With several vertical storage lifts next to each other it is easy to store up to 150,000 tyres, says Björn Karlsson.


Weland Solutions customize each storage lift to the wholesaler’s time bookings. Either you can have the vertical storage lifts behind each other with one service opening or have the lifts on line – with multiple service openings. – With many time bookings at the same time, we can put several lifts next to each other. In this way, several people can pick tyres from the service openings at the same time, explains Björn Karlsson.

Quick picking

With the tyres stored in a Compact Double the picking speed becomes 2-4 times faster than in a traditional storage. With this tyre storage it is easier to pick out the right tyre. The tyres are stored in the vertical storage lift and the right product will rapidly emerge, served on a tray at a comfortable working height.

Saves time

With Weland Solutions’ vertical storage lift the staff does not need to search among the shelves after the tyres. Much time and many steps are saved compared to a traditional storage. Staff costs are also reduced as fewer people are needed in the storage. In addition, the vertical storage lift has good ergonomics, as evidenced by reduced absence due to illness.