Rollco streamlines with Weland Solutions


Rollco specialize in components for linear movements and automated solutions for industry. To attain a more efficient and structured way of working with their warehouse management they contacted Weland Solutions. The foundation in the new system are three vertical storage lifts of the type Compact Twin Heavy 2440 which are supplemented with additional load trays, different picking aids, and the WMS system Compact Store (Warehouse Management System).

A unique vertical storage lift

With the Compact Twin Rollco could save floor space, increase the picking rate and ensure that the storage space was utilised in the best manner. Compact Twin is a unique vertical storage lift and the only one on the market that can handle two load trays simultaneously.

Supplementary picking aids

To further streamline the picking process Rollco chose to supplement the vertical storage lift with four different picking aids: LED strip, Put to Light, Picking display, and Foot pedal. The LED strip helps the operator by indicating where on the load tray an item should be picked. Put to Light, which allows Rollco to pick up to 20 orders simultaneously, then indicates the customer order in which the goods should be placed. The picking display shows an overview of the load tray and using the foot pedal the operator can acknowledge the picking hands-free.