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Ravema and InLead Automation

Compact machine cell for 24/7 production – on minimal floor space

In collaboration with Ravema and InLead Automation, Weland Solutions has developed a compact solution for 24/7 production. The customer requested a machine cell with an interconnected system that could produce around the clock, switch unmanned between different items and handle varying items on a limited floor space. The solution would handle both the raw material, finished products and tools for all machines in the cell.

The result is an automated machine cell that works with any processing machine. Weland Solutions delivered a vertical storage lift for convenient storage at height and associated furnishings. The elevator was adjusted to pick with two robots from the same tray in one opening. Weland Solutions also delivered associated furnishings. The entire cell is controlled by the Compact Store software system, which means that the user only needs to learn one system. The Compact Talk software was specially adapted to the robot integration to be able to send alarm codes and other important information.


Compact Twin



Accessories & Interior

Laser pointer, Put to screen, Panel shutter door