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KG Knutsson

The K.G. Knutsson AB trading company is a Swedish wholesaler, focusing on the automotive industry and marine accessories, which was founded in 1946.

KGK is active in all of Scandinavia with a number of well-known brands in its the assortment and it sells products primarily via a dealer network, in which the majority of the stores in the Autoexperten distribution chain are part of the KGK Group.

The background to KGK Transmission’s investment in vertical storage lifts is that all the materials for service and repair of transmission are handled in racks and mezzanines. This management method results in a poor use of the premises’ space, relatively many balance errors and, above all, a long processing time.

With Compact Lift vertical storage lifts and Compact Store WMS from Weland Solutions, the efficiency is improved in several ways;there is both a much greater certainty in the balance and, simultaneously, shorter lead times for repairs.


Compact Lift