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For over 100 years Göhlins has worked with tool and machine service for the manufacturing industry.

In the middle of their store, Göhlins has placed a Compact Double. The vertical storage lift can store up to 100 tonnes, which is a lot for a store, and perfect for an actor like Göhlins who deliver heavier products. The machine is also directly connected to the business system which means that as soon as a customer has placed an order, it’s ready for pickup or delivery.

The vertical storage lift resembles a tall tower in which Göhlins stock their products. This safe system means security even for Göhlins as nobody can steal anything from the store, plus it saves a lot of time for personnel with automatic picking. Compact Double is a solid machine and the only vertical storage lift with this much storage space in such a small area.


Compact Double


Plexiglass side windows, Connection to business system
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