Picking aids

We offer a large assortment of picking aids, accessories and fittings for our vertical storage lifts. These products are designed to make your warehouse management as flexible and effective as possible. We offer everything from scanners and trolleys to cartons and laser pointers.

Light pointer

The light pointer is an effective picking aid when the load trays have many small compartments. Illuminates the correct picking location with a solid, green light. Light beam approx. 50 mm.

Article NumberName
FLP-1220G22Light pointer 1220
FLP-1830G22Light pointer 1830
FLP-2440G22Light pointer 2440
FLP-3050G22Light pointer 3050
FLP-3660G22Light pointer 3660

Picking display

A monitor with easy-to-read text provides the operator with order information and an easily understood picture of the load tray. Colour marking indicates the position in the current compartment from where the material is to be picked.

An arrow on the monitor indicates incoming or outgoing deliveries, which enables work without any risk of incorrect picking. The picking display’s software is controlled via Compact Talk, with information from the WMS or ERP system.

The picking display is a suitable aid when the loading trays are divided into larger compartments. It can also be combined with other picking aids to facilitate the work further.

Article NumberName
FDP-G2-2Picking display, thin client

LED strip

Light emitting diodes show from where on the load tray the operator must pick goods. A depth indicator shows on a digital display the depth in the compartment from which the picking is to be done.

The LED strip is an efficient picking aid without moving parts, suitable for load trays with compartments from 200 mm and larger. This provides a cost-effective alternative for larger compartments, where light pointers do not give the best guidance.

The vertical storage lift must be connected via Compact Talk to a WMS or ERP system. The LED Strip can be combined easily with other picking aids.

Article NumberName
LED Bar 1220 – Compact Lift
FLED-1830LED Bar 1830 – Compact Lift
FLED-2440LED Bar 2440 – Compact Lift
FLED-3050LED Bar 3050 – Compact Lift
FLED-3660LED Bar 3660 – Compact Lift
FLEDHU-1220LED Bar 1220 for 100% telescopic pull-out
FLEDHU-1830LED Bar 1830 for 100% telescopic pull-out
FLEDHU-2440LED Bar 2440 for 100% telescopic pull-out
FLEDHU-3050LED Bar 3050 for 100% telescopic pull-out
FLEDHU-3660LED Bar 3660 for 100% telescopic pull-out
FLEDKU-1220G23LED Bar 1220 – Compact Twin
FLEDKU-1830G23LED Bar 1830 – Compact Twin
FLEDKU-2440G23LED Bar 2440 – Compact Twin
FLEDKU-3050G23LED Bar 3050 – Compact Twin
FLEDKU-3660G23LED Bar 3660 – Compact Twin

Pick/Put to light

When the operator has to pick an article that is included in several customer orders, the Put to Light picking aid is an effective solution (so-called batch picking). Put to Light is an aid for the operator that indicates in which customer order an article has to be placed once it has been picked from the vertical storage lift. With the help of LED displays, the operator is given information on how to allocate the picked articles between the various customer orders.

Example: A total of 20 screws must be picked from the vertical storage lift. These must then be allocated to three different customer orders, in the following quantities: 8, 7 and 5 each. When the operator has picked the 20 screws from the vertical storage lift, and turns round to the flow rack where Put to Light is installed, it can be seen* clearly into which boxes (orders) the screws must be placed, as well as the number per box (order).

* The information is presented with the help of LED displays. Each display has a clear indication light that lights up for the location as well as a numerical field that shows the quantity.

Article NumberName
FPUTTOLIGHTComplete rack Put to Light

Put to screen

A display behind the operator’s boxes shows where to place the item, which order it belongs to, which item, what quantity. This fully dynamic system allows the operator to choose whether to start one or several orders, and what size box to pick to.