Other items

Workbench and accessories

We have adjustable height workbenches with different superstructures for workshops, industry, warehouses and packing. The table stand is available in many widths and depths, which together with a large range of table tops and accessories, provides you with a flexible system, which makes your work easier.

Article NumberName
7041272ErgoMini II motordriven, 1980×780 mm
7041273Påbyggnadsram ErgoMini II, L=1980 mm
7041271Bordsskiva Beige, 2000×800 mm
7041276Bordsskiva, Specialmått 3000x800x40 mm
7041106Tung benbock Justerbar, D=745 mm
7051040Verktygstavla 9002, höjbar med lås
7021071Hyllplan Beige, 1775×300 mm
70210722-pack Hyllavdel Beige, D300xH200 mm
70210732-pack Perforerad pelare Beige, H=1926 mm
7021074Monteringssats för perforerad pelare
7041268Ledbar flatscreenhållare Beige 15kg
1310200126Ergo Soft Grå matta, 10000×900 mm
1310200127Ergo Soft 900 Grå matta, x m rulle

Roller and workshop trolleys

With us, you can find both roller and workshop trolleys to make your work easier. Whether you need a trolley with a worktop where, at the same time, you can keep your tools or a flexible work surface for packing work. We have storage solutions for both industry and workshops.

Article NumberName
7041267Verkstadsvagn, B960xD600xH930 mm
7041269Rullvagn Flex Beige, 1775 mm
7041270Rullvagn Flex 3 Beige, 1350 mm

Ergo mat

Plastic workplace mat with spring-back design that enhances health and safety for employees who spend a lot of time on their feet. The mat has a wear surface and closed cells that reduce stress on back and leg muscles. This slipresistant mat is easy to clean and move. It insulates against heat and cold, and muffles noise. Resistant to oils and chemicals. Can be purchased in lengths or an entire roll.

Article NumberName
1310200120Arbetsplatsmatta 910×18300 mm rulle
1310200121Arbetsplatsmatta 1220×18300 mm rulle
1310200122Arbetsplatsmatta 910mm x valfri längd
1310200123Arbetsplatsmatta 1220mm x valfri längd