Compact Store

Weland Solutions and Weland Software have jointly developed the WMS-system (Warehouse Management System) Compact Store. Compact Store is built to control Weland Solutions’ vertical storage lifts in an efficient manner.

The system is modular, making it easy to connect new functionality as needs arise. This means that the system covers the features that the customer needs regardless of the storage’s size or complexity.

The system provides support for all operations included in the normal inventory management as incoming deliveries, combination, prioritizing and starting of picking orders, transfer and refilling of items and inventory.

The system is developed in close cooperation with logistics companies and has been in operation since 1999. Compact Store has been delivered to over 200 companies, including:

  • Rolls-Royce, Inchinnan, Scotland
  • TetraPak, Lund, Sweden
  • Watski, Malmö, Sweden
  • Eurostar, London, England
  • Electrolux, Ljungby, Sweden
  • Ur & Penn, Upplands Väsby, Sweden

Connected to the ERP-system

Compact Store can be used as a completely independent system, but is usually connected to an ERP-system (ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning). The ERP-system takes care of the economy and Compact Store can be seen as the storage module.


A WMS-system (Warehouse Management System) is a storage system that is used in the daily operations of a storage. The WMS-system allows centralized management of tasks such as storage inventory and storage locations.

WMS-systems can be stand-alone applications or parts of a business system (ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning). The system simplifies the flow of inventory and maximize productivity. It is important that the integration between the WMS-system and the ERP-system works.

Compact vertical storage lifts can in principle be controlled by all available WMS-systems. In some cases, you may need an intermediate control system such as Compact Store.

How Compact Store works

Selection of compatible ERP-systems and WMS-systems:

Microsoft Dynamics AX
Jeeves ERP and Jeeves WMS
Compact Store
Logia WMS
Astro WMS
Ongoing WMS

Contact us for more information on how the integration works, and for a complete list of compatible ERP-systems and WMS-systems.

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