Place the stock in the production area


To place the warehouse out in the production area can be the optimal solution for many companies. Materials and components can then be very quickly reached and short distances can mean huge time savings.

The saving of warehouse space and reduced transport areas are important factors in supply chain management. With Weland Warehouse vertical storage lifts the goods are stored safely and are also well protected.

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Stock in the production area

Tata Steel delivers to the construction, automotive, packaging, machine construction sector and other markets worldwide. Tata Steel is also one of the world’s ten largest steel producers.

The facility in Halmstad handles tin sheets on 2800 mm wide pallets. The pallets are loaded by forklift onto one side of the vertical storage lift and handled manually in the other slot. The sheets are ordered in the desired format and colour and is profiled in direct connection to the elevator machine. Tata Steel is a good example of stock handling and secure production environment.