Optimize existing premises


Weland Solutions’ vertical storage lifts makes you think smart and build effective. Vertical storage lifts help you reduce both the size and volume of the building. Weland Solutions has knowledgeable and experienced personnel who will assist you.

By placing the Compact vertical storage lifts in a tower outside the factory premises, larger floor areas are released and can be used for other than storage.

To build a tower outside the existing premises is easy and does not disturb ongoing activities inside the premises. Since the tower is built off the facade it can be made higher than the existing building, without having to open up the ceiling and avoiding sealing problems. Anything to get as much storage capacity as possible.

When the tower is completed, a service opening is made in the facade and the vertical storage lift installed – easily and smoothly.

Larger tower for future needs

Premould Huskvarna has chosen to place a Compact Lift in a “tower” outside the premises and thus increased storage capacity and freed surfaces inside the premises. In the tower there are additionally one frame for another vertical lift system in the future. The service opening in the wall is completed and temporary back-built to create minimal disturbance for future installation.

Premould manufactures tools and plastic parts in various series. The company stocks numerous tools and therefor it is important with an organised, clean and protected storage with rational management. The vertical storage lift stores about 500 different tools. Vertical storage lifts are equipped with 100% extension of the load trays so that the tools can be easily handled with a crane.

Vertical storage lift