Optimise the warehouse using vertical storage lifts


Weland Solutions’ vertical storage lifts save large amounts of floor space and optimise the warehouse. The vertical storage lifts, which replace pallet racks and storage shelves, can be placed on the production premises, in the warehouse or in a freestanding tower outside the building. Applications and placing are steered by the company’s activities, size of premises and the type of goods to be stored.

In a vertical storage lift, nearly all types of goods can be stored, for example, bulky, small parts, heavy goods, long goods etc. The goods are stored safely, clean and protected from external damage.

The vertical storage lifts are integrated with existing systems, for instance, WMS (Warehouse Management System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or similar. This provides major gains for the company’s internal logistics.

Thanks to our own development and manufacturing, we can provide tailor-made, efficient solutions that give our customers new competitive advantages. Contact us and we will help you!

200 pallets on 38 m² of floor.

Watski AB in Malmö has invested in a further 3 Compact Twin vertical storage lifts. Apart from freeing up large amounts of floor space and appreciably increasing the efficiency, the order flow has also been increased from 1800 to 3440 order rows per day with the same labour force. Moreover, the work can be performed in a better ergonomic way, which is beneficial and appreciated by the staff.

The 3 new Compact Twin vertical storage lifts hold 5600 storage locations and, together with 4 older vertical storage lifts, the company now has 70% of all of its articles in vertical storage lifts. This increases the safety and minimises the risk of incorrect picking.

Vertical storage lifts save large amounts of floor space and optimise the warehouse.