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Increased storage efficiency with Compact Twin

Free-up valuable space in your warehouse, increase the picking speed while minimising the risks for incorrect picks.

The Compact Twin is the only commercially available vertical storage lift that can handle two load trays in the same sequence – one tray in the wait position and one in the picking position. This allows the picking speed for your products to be more than doubled, and the delivery times to customers halved. With the help of clear information on the picking display, combined with LED strip as well as scanners and an automatic work flow, it is easier for the operators to do their job and completely eliminates, in principle, the risk for incorrect picks.

Who benefits from the Compact Twin?

Segments such as the rapidly expanding e-commerce, manufacturing companies and large central distribution centres are examples of actors that have increased their storage efficiency thanks to Compact Twin and can, thus, guarantee prompt and secure deliveries to their customers – something that market is demanding.

Efficiency without sacrificing ergonomics

As early as the development stage for the Compact Twin we made sure that the working height is ergonomically correct. We have kept to the so-called Golden Zone, which means that all picking takes place below the shoulders and above the knees. This means your employees do not have to stretch up or bend down to reach the products, instead they lift them from waist height, minimising the risk for occupational injuries. You can supplement the Compact Twin with a number of picking aids and the system is controlled efficiently with the help of the WMS system, Compact Store.




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