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Explosive growth of e-commerce for the design company Edblad

The Swedish jewelry manufacturer Edblad chose to combine speed with avoiding picking errors to organize the intense order intake.

“Our partnership with Weland Solutions began during the construction of our new warehouse in 2019. E-commerce was experiencing a massive boom and we knew that we needed to manage this explosion with a more efficient and responsive warehousing system,” says Amanda Samuelsson, Logistics Manager at Edblad in Stockholm.

The key to everything turned out to be Weland Solutions’ vertical storage lifts, and the company now has two Compact Twin lifts that, combined with the Put-to-Light picking solution and the Compact Store software system, forms the heart of its entire warehousing solution. This means that the company can now meet customers’ expectations of really fast deliveries.

The investment in storages lifts from Weland Solutions created speed and reliability

“The combination of speed and accurate picking is very important to us – the process should not only be quick, but it must also be right. The system Weland Solutions has given us works exactly how we want it to,” says Samuelsson.

Peter Johansson is a Key Account Manager at Weland Solutions and has worked closely with Samuelsson to ensure that the solution syncs seamlessly with operations at Edblad.

“We were brought on board right at the beginning when plans for the new warehouse were just being drawn up, which was a big plus. For us, the goal was clear – to ensure that the number of orders processed per hour increased, that picking was safe and reliable, and that everyone found the system intuitive and easy to work with from day one,” he says.

Growing with the business

Edblad is always looking to streamline and improve work in the warehouse. “As I’ve already said, our focus lies squarely on the growing e-commerce sector, and the great thing is that our warehouse solution is able to grow as we do and can be adapted to our needs, both today and tomorrow,” says Samuelsson.

She also praises the support the company receives from Weland Solutions.
“We interact with solution-oriented and skilled individuals who give us the support we require exactly when we need it. We’re absolutely delighted with the partnership we have with Weland Solutions.”

Facts Edblad

Founded: 2006
Number of employees: 50+
Turnover: 105,5 MSEK (2020-12).
Headquarters: Stockholm
Storage lifts from Weland Solutions: 2 pcs Compact Twin 3660. 6,3 meter tall with a total storage capacity of 270 m2 distributed over 25 m2 floor space.
Each lift offerts 27 cubic meters of storage space, x 2 = 54 cubic meters.
Integration and management: Compact Store
Website: http://www.edblad.com/




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