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Build your own storage lift – a new service from Weland Solutions

Weland Solutions launches world news. Build your own storage lift directly on our website.

Weland Solutions is probably No. 1 in the world offering the web service “Build your own vertical storage lift”. Through simple steps, you can tailor the storage lift to your specific needs.

Start by doing the quick test that shows how or if you can optimize your warehouse solution. Then it’s time to go to the configurator itself where you build your storage lift.

Build your own storage lift »

It is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1- Choose which storage lift you’re interested in

Are you not sure of what distinguishes the different storage lifts? Here you can read our White Paper.

2- Now it’s time to think measurements and capacity.

How much space do you have and what capacity / kg do you need on the load trays?

3- Here you have the opportunity to customize the storage lift

and choose accessories that increase picking speed, reduce picking errors, increase ergonomics and illustrate the work.

4- The storage lift needs to be filled with trays.

You decide the height of the goods and the amount of trays.

5- In this step you will get a visual summary of your choices.

6- Fill in your information

and you will soon have a product specification concerning your storage lift in the mailbox. We want the storage lift to solve your needs in the best way. Therefore, one of our salespersons will call you to make sure you found the very best configuration. The seller, with his knowledge, has extensive experience of helping customers with tailored, adapted solutions.