New Sales Manager at Weland Solutions


Lars Andreasen is the new Sales Manager at Weland Solutions since 1 of March, 2019. It is a new position and the reason is that the company’s sales in recent years have gone up strongly. Sales has increased by 20 percent annually, and the market continues to grow.

“My task is to create a common structure for our sales, so that everyone works the same way and goes in the same direction,” Lars Andreasen says. However, I will still have the responsibility for some of my existing customers, while also assisting in larger projects.

Lars Andreasen worked with sales at the then Compact Logistics System between 2001 and 2007. The company was purchased by Weland in 2006 and then became Weland Lagersystem. It then changed its name to Weland Solutions in 2018. After about ten years with other assignments, Lars Andreasen started working with sales at Weland Solutions in 2017.