New boxes in corrugated cardboard


Weland Solutions offers a wide range of accessories and furnishings for our elevator lifts. These products are designed to make inventory management as smooth and efficient as possible. We now offer corrugated cardboard boxes, all of which can be divided into one, two, three or four compartments. They are delivered as a flat pack and are a flexible solution since they can be adjusted to several sizes.

You can easily remove the dividers to adjust the sizes of the compartments and adapt them to the size of the goods. The boxes are available with heights from 50 mm and up to 200 mm and are perfect for small and medium-sized goods. All boxes are in stock.

  • Heights of 50, 75 and 100 mm have the outer dimensions 400×200 mm
  • Height 150 mm has outer dimensions 800×200 mm
  • The height 200 mm has the outer dimensions 800×400 mm