Increase profitability with automated storage

Automated storage is an innovative and efficient solution for improving warehouse management and logistics. It creates a smooth and automated process by storing items vertically and transporting them via a lift right under the noses of employees.

Automated storage picks the right storage tray

Our automated storage system takes the form of a gigantic sheet metal cabinet containing either a single or double lift that is surrounded by storage shelves. These storage shelves hold a number of movable trays that the lift can retrieve and then deliver down to a handling opening from which the employee can pick items at a comfortable working height. By using automated storage, picking can be done quickly and efficiently with the minimum possible effort.

Automated storage maximizes storage capacity

The advantages of automated storage are many. By stacking goods on different levels, it is possible to save up to 90 % of available floor space and thereby maximize capacity. This is particularly valuable for companies that have limited storage capacity or who are looking to give their staff a better working environment.

Automated storage means faster and more accurate picking

An automated storage system increases picking speeds and improves efficiency. Instead of having to run around and manually pick items from different shelves, employees can stand at the handling opening to which the system quickly and accurately delivers the items to be picked. It can also help show the location of each item and how many are to be picked. This results in fewer errors and shorter order fulfillment lead times, meaning faster deliveries to customers.

Automated storage contributes to a better working environment

By automating vertical transport and delivering items to a comfortable working height, you reduce the need for heavy lifting and excessive physical strain. Staff can easily and safely use the automated storage system to retrieve and deliver goods without running the risk of suffering injury or excessive physical strain. A better working environment means happier and more committed employees, which in turn increases productivity and reduces absence due to illness.

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