Full operation at Bergendahls


Weland Solutions has recently delivered and commissioned four new vertical storage lifts to the Bergendahls retail group. The standard lifts, Compact Twin, are linked to Bergendahls’ business system and they have saved the retailer both floor space as well as time picking orders.

On 1 March 2016, Bergendahls’ new vertical storage lifts were in full operation. The installation was completed in October 2015, but since then a sprinkler system has been installed in the vertical storage lifts. Bergendahls, which previously used pallet racks, will not only save floor space and increase the efficiency of the picking rate, but also secure the value in the event of any fire.

“The Vertical Storage Lift Compact Twin, which are integrated in Bergendahls’ business system can more than double Bergendahls picking rate by handling two trays in the same sequence, one in the wait position and one in the picking position.”

With horizontally acting photocells, the height of the goods is checked while the module has a 50 ton load capacity. Furthermore, the Compact Twin is designed to provide the operator with optimal ergonomic work position with the emergency stop easily accessible on the control panel.

“The collaboration with Bergendahls means a lot for us, because it gives us a foothold in the retail trade market,” Bj√∂rn says.