Facilitate picking with scanners


Weland Solutions’ scanners facilitate picking and increase efficiency. Scanners can be used to acknowledge the details, stock location and order. Our scanners also increase the security of picking management.

Scanner reading requires control with the storage system (Warehouse Management System, WMS-system) or ERP-system (Enterprise Resource Planning). Scanners are used to either input or acknowledgment of the mission. With scanners you both increase the accuracy of picking and increase efficiency as you do not have to enter the information manually.

Cordless hand scanner

Weland Solutions offers two types of scanners; scanner and finger scanner. The usual scanner is a simple cordless hand scanner that plugs into a computer’s USB-port to a cradle. The scanner is used for either input or picking acknowledgment in combination with the Compact Store system.

Portable scanner

The finger scanner is a small portable scanner that allows you to easily scan the code with both hands free. It connects to the PC via Bluetooth. This scanner is used primarily for acknowledging at picking at a vertical storage lift when both hands need to be free. The finger scanner sits on the wrist and the button is located on the index finger and clicked on by the thumb.