Easy inventory management and integration with Weland Solutions and Visma


Do you want to save time, money and extra work by seamlessly integrating your Weland Solutions vertical storage lift with your business system? Connect Visma Business or Visma Administration with Weland Solutions’ vertical storage lifts and simplify your warehouse management. The business system handles order handling just as usual, while the lifts streamlines picking.

Connect the vertical storage lift to your business system

Visma Business is specially developed for companies with high demands on warehouse and logistics management. The system offers a broad and advanced functionality to facilitate your work with optimizing logistics flows.

By connecting your Visma system with the Compact Store system from Weland Solutions, you can control the vertical storage lift and create a much more efficient warehouse flow and automate/ integrate critical flows in your warehouse management process such as delivery, compilation, prioritization and start of picking orders, relocation, refilling of products and inventory. This saves you time, money and extra work, while reducing the risk of incorrect registrations and minimizing manual handling.

Smart and easy control of the vertical storage lift

Compact Store from Weland Solutions is a WMS system (Warehouse Management System) that controls the vertical storage lift in a smart and simple way, simplifies the flow in the warehouse and maximizes your productivity. By integrating the system with a business system, you will have an automated flow of picking orders, deliveries and inventory. The system is modular, which means that with simple means you can also connect new functionality as needs change and arise. This makes the Compact Store an optimal warehouse for all customers, regardless of the warehouse’s size or complexity.

Save time, money and extra work with an integration

The Compact Store system can also be used independently but is usually linked to an ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning system. Compact Store is compatible with most systems on the market and has been delivered to over 300 companies worldwide.

Do you need help connecting your vertical storage lift with Visma Business, Visma Administration or another compatible business system?