Customized vertical storage lifts


Weland Solutions has several different models of vertical storage lifts in order to find the best solution to the customer. We customize all the vertical storage lifts and help you select the correct model based on storage conditions and your business.

Two of our most popular vertical storage lifts are Compact Lift and Compact Twin. Compact Lift is a space-saving vertical storage lift as it stores high. The vertical storage lift is also suitable to use for heavy and bulky goods.

Compact Lift is Weland Solutions’ most basic vertical storage lift and provides much capacity for a relatively small investment. The vertical storage lift has one load tray that staff can pick from.

Focus on picking speed

If it is important to increase the picking speed, then the Compact Twin model is the solution. This is a vertical storage lift with high picking speed that gives more orders per hour. By managing two load trays simultaneously, with one tray in waiting and one in picking position, the picking speed is increased as the stock does not need to wait for the goods in the service opening.

Customer focus

We at Weland Solutions puts the customer in focus and help you find the right vertical storage lift. We work according to our own project management methodology where we can quickly identify your needs, plan design, project installation and the estimated budget and schedule so you get a clear decision basis for your new investment.