Control the vertical storage lift with mobile devices


Compact vertical storage lifts mean faster and easier handling on a significantly smaller storage area. Now, the efficiency has been upgraded again. – The news is that you can now control Compact vertical storage lifts via mobile devices instead of via a computer, which means you save time on every order. A small investment that gives large gains, especially for pick intensive businesses in e-commerce and the retail trade.

Customisation personified

The person at the warehouse starts the order directly from his or her mobile phone or tablet computer and only sees his/her order on the screen. This saves a great deal of time and walking along aisles, while the risk for making picking mistakes is reduced. This new and modern way of working improves the work situation and the efficiency of the storage management for each employee.

The full solution in the mobile device

Compact vertical storage lifts are controlled by our own WMS system, Compact Store, which has been delivered to more than 200 companies. Including Rolls Royce, TetraPak and Ur&Penn. The system includes support for all of the work steps that are included in normal storage management. All of this is now available on a mobile phone or tablet computer via good WiFi.