Advantages of Compact Lift vertical lift machines

Increased picking rate

A Compact Lift works on the basis that items are moved to the operator – goods-to-man – instead of vice versa – man-to-goods. The selected item comes to the operator on a tray in the handling opening. Whilst the item is picked, the lift is already moving for the next item, so the waiting time is almost zero. Generally speaking, a Compact Lift operator can manage up to four times more picks than in a traditional warehouse set-up in the same period of time. What’s more, picking errors are reduced by 99.9%!

Saves space

Compact Lift stacks your items safely and securely. Each vertical lift machine is adapted for optimal use of the available space. This saves you up to 90% of floor space compared to traditional shelf racking.

Better ergonomics

When goods are stored in a Compact Lift, the right item is quickly sent to the operator on a tray that is positioned at a comfortable working height. No-one needs to wander around banks of shelving to find and pick items. This saves a lot of time and effort compared to a traditional warehouse. The significantly better ergonomics and reduced load afforded by the system is soon reflected in lower levels of absence due to illness/injury.

Versatile storage

Compact Lift can be adapted according to the type of goods that are to be stored. Everything from small components and screws, to pipes, large plates, or machine parts with a total weight of up to 1.5 tons per loading tray. Everything is stored compactly and safely, only accessible by an authorized operator.

Reliable operation

Compact Lift vertical lift machines are extremely reliable. They use gear racks that run along the full height of the vertical lift machine and gears that drive the lift mechanism. Everything runs at high speed and the systems that control the vertical storage lift are tried and tested and reliable.

Fast ROI – Return on Investment

Many of our customers have been positively surprised about how quickly their investment in a Compact Lift pays for itself. It’s not uncommon for our customers to have recovered their outlay within one year. Contact our sales team and we’ll put together a quote for your project!

Compact Lift vertical lift machines are made in Sweden

Weland Solutions’ unique vertical lift machines concept is based on innovative technology that has been tried and tested since 1999. Every Compact Lift model is driven by four gears that run in homogeneous gear racks. This provides very stable movement and precise positioning of the load tray. The resultant reduced level of wear reduces the need for maintenance and generates a higher level of operational reliability.

A flexible design

Compact Lift’s design makes it a very adaptable system. The various sizes/models available mean that it is suitable for use in any type of premises and the system is flexible enough that you can achieve the best possible storage logistics. The solution also gives you safe and secure storage as it ensures that items can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Optimized stock management

Working in conjunction with your business/production, we produce a proposal that will deliver the most optimal and economic stock management and picking method. We customize our vertical lifting machines according to the number of items they are to handle, their size and weight, and the size and ceiling height of the premises in which they are to be located. Whatever the situation, our solution saves significant warehouse space and ensures that goods are handled in a rational, secure, and ergonomic way.

A reliable Swedish supplier

Compact Lift is a product that is wholly manufactured in Sweden by Weland Solutions in Gislaved. Over the years, we have supplied a myriad of bespoke vertical lifting machines that have streamlined the stock management and logistics of manufacturers, workshops, and e-commerce companies. This makes us an experienced and reliable storage expert that you can trust whatever the circumstances.

What type of vertical lift machine suits your needs?

Let us show you how our various lift machines work. Click on the links and you will see a film that explains the differences, clear and easy.

Compact Lift is equally good for large volumes of smaller items as for big and heavy products.

Compact Twin handles two loading trays at once, meaning that picking speed can be more than doubled. As the operator picks from one loading tray, the next loading tray is retrieved for the next pick.

Compact Double handles even more items thanks to its double depth trays. The concept is the same as the Compact Twin, but with a more robust design.

Vertical storage lift guide

To make it easier for you to get an overview of our three basic models of vertical storage lifts, we gathered the most necessary information in a guide. Here you quickly see which storage lift suits your needs the best.