BIM – Concept of the future is moving in


We are seeing a significant increase in demand for BIM, Building Information Modelling, here at Weland Solutions, where digitization of the construction industry is facilitating greater streamlining and a sustainable construction process from the ground up. Parts of our range are now available at the BIMobject portal. We are constantly driving development forward thanks to our ongoing efforts to manage and enhance information sharing.

Future information sharing is here

Weland Solutions is working tirelessly to meet the market’s needs. As a supplier, we feel it is important to be able to provide our designers and architects with simple, modern tools to ensure a streamlined, sustainable construction process. BIM simplifies and coordinates the construction process in a manner that was impossible previously. We use BIM objects to offer the construction industry an efficient solution that facilitates a fully digitized information channel.

BIM – A visual model of reality

BIM is a digitized turnkey solution designed for the construction industry in which objects are downloaded and used by architects, engineers and designers. The BIM model is made up of a number of different components known as BIM objects, facilitating planning all the way from concept to finished product. We gather all documentation on our product, such as height, width, depth, assembly instructions and links, in a BIM object. The designer can then incorporate our products in their drawing right from the concept stage, which permits visual inspection to be carried out prior to planning. All documentation on Weland Solutions objects is then available throughout the entire construction process until well after the project is completed.

Weland Solutions objects are available to download here.

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