Vertical storage lifts at Modern Elteknik increase picking speed by 380%


Modern Elteknik in Gothenburg is one of Sweden’s leading electricity wholesalers that offers components in electronics and automation. The family-owned company, which was started in 1969 and has sales both in Sweden and abroad, is in an exciting and expansive phase. When Modern Elteknik had problems integrating their Visma ERP system into their computers, they started looking for other storage solutions and decided early on to invest in vertical storage lifts. The choice of supplier fell on the warehousing and logistics specialist Weland Solutions and their innovative elevator machine Compact Twin.

Simplified picking and faster deliveries

“We were looking for a Swedish-made solution and wanted a lot of space for the money because we do not have that much floor space to work with. Since Compact Twin can run two trays at the same time and the dimensions suited our current premises, we thought that Compact Twin from Weland Solutions seemed to be an efficient and time-saving product that suited our needs,” explains Jan Johannesson, CEO of Modern Elteknik.

Weland Solutions installed two Compact Twin 3600 lift machines with accessories that increase warehouse productivity. Each machine handles 57 load trays. The elevators are ESD-adapted and equipped with light pointers, shutters that protect against sound and dust, and the software Put to Screen from Weland Solutions. In addition to the lifts, Weland Solutions has also delivered plastic boxes and tables on wheels that are used for sorting goods.

“The lift machines from Weland Solutions have completely changed the way we work at Modern Elteknik. We have a simplified picking flow, a more ergonomic working method, lower noise level, fewer incorrect picking and faster deliveries to the lift. It has really become a better workday for all of us who work here,” says Jan Johannesson.

Double trays increase picking speed

Because Compact Twin handles two load trays in the same sequence with one tray in standby mode and one in picking position, the picking speed can increase by 50 – 75%. While picking from the first tray is in progress, Compact Twin picks up the next tray in the pick list and places this tray in the waiting position in the free space on the lift. When the acknowledgement of the first pick on the pick list has been made, the tray is moved back and the next tray is moved directly from the waiting position and the next pick is started.

“Thanks to our lift machines, we have increased the picking speed by as much as 380%. What we did in 8 hours before, we can do today in about 2. The elevators from Weland Solutions have not only expanded our warehouse space and secured the lack of space for future investments, but also ensure that we can offer fast deliveries to our customers,” says Jan Johannesson.

Personal service from start to finish

Going forward, Modern Elteknik wants to further optimize its warehouse by installing a third lift machine from Weland Solutions and reviewing the workflow in general to improve the entire chain. Weland Solutions’ knowledgeable sales team helps them.

“I would highly recommend Weland Solutions for their personal service, from first contact to completed project. We are already in discussion with the sales people about the next step for us and how we can continue to optimize and streamline the flow at Modern Elteknik,” concludes Jan Johannesson.