Streamlining storage space for world-renowned automaker


To help clients optimize their storage space, Weland Solutions is always open to adapt vertical storage lifts after specific needs. The world renowned car manufacturer, Koenigsegg, is one of many that’s excelled in their production with a customized storage solution.

The automaker Koenigsegg is know all over the world for their iconic and exclusive cars. The company continues to grow and with that a need for extra storage space. They decided to start a collaboration with Weland Solutions, and as a result, two custom-made vertical storage lifts of the model Compact Twin 2440 were installed.

Two machines, one solution

When Koenigsegg decided to work with Weland Solutions, it was mainly because they knew the company’s ability to customize machines after specific needs. A solution was created were two vertical storage lifts were connected to work together. Also, interior and software were adapted and connected.

”The world’s fastest car is designed and manufactured in Sweden, and so is the world’s fastest vertical storage lift. Our goal is to keep growing with Koenigsegg and with that, continue to adapt our machines after their specific needs”, explains Björn Karlsson, CEO at Weland Solutions.

An environmental choice

Weland Solutions always offers products with long sustainability. They also take complete responsibility for their machines, new as well as restored. That includes relocation, installation, start-up and education for involved employees. From a customer’s perspective, restored products are also a cost-efficient choice.

These reasons made it simple for Koenigsegg to hire the company. They invested in two restored Compact Twin 2440 and with the custom-made adjustments, their efficiency has excelled.