E-commerce retailer expands — invests in new warehouse solution


When fast-growing e-commerce retailer Boozt needed to streamline their warehouse management in 2019, the choice fell on warehouse and logistics specialist Weland Solutions. Together, they created a solution that saves time and floorspace.

Fashion retailer Boozt has grown tremendously in the past few years. After only two years in their large warehouse building, they needed to optimize their storage solution in order to fit in new products and quickly distribute them to customers. Weland Solutions was the answer.

– We needed a flexible solution for our flammable cosmetics. They required both space efficient storage and a quick picking speed. Weland had the best total offer that combined quality and speed, which was very important to us, says Jimmy Duholm, Warehouse Director at Boozt.

Saves floorspace

The installation was made at the main warehouse in Ängelholm, which is about 42 000 square meters in size. To free up floorspace, the companies decided to build vertically. Two vertical storage lifts in the model Compact Twin were installed, each with 58 load trays, that created 348 square meters of storage space on 24 square meters of floor.

– We also installed a picking screen that helps the operator find the product with the help of for example an image, and a led list that identifies it on the tray. Beyond that, we installed shutters to protect against dust and other things, Mikael Svensson, Key Acount Manager at Weland Solutions explains.

Weland’s warehouse management system was integrated with Boozt’s current WMS. The construction took about a week and the machines were taken into use during spring. Boozt had not used vertical storage lifts before, so expectations were high, and they were fulfilled.

– We gained better control; vertical storage lifts provide more order than shelves do. We notice that we have better control of the pick runs and feel that we can pick quicker and more efficiently with this new automatic solution, Jimmy comments.

An ergonomic solution

Except for secure and efficient pick runs and saved floorspace, there was one major benefit to Weland’s solution and that was ergonomics:

– We focus a great deal on our people’s work environment and have spent a lot of time and resources on building Sweden’s greenest warehouse, and to adapt it as far as possible from an ergonomic point of view, Jimmy explains.

The vertical storage lifts give an ergonomic work position where you don’t have to bend or stretch to pick something. Instead, the picking tray is at a good height as soon as it comes out, which Jimmy says is much appreciated by the staff.