Weland Solutions sets focus on automation


Weland Solutions is investing in fully automated solutions that speak the same language as robotic systems. Five years ago we were a supplier of standard products. With customized solutions, we have increased by 20 percent per year. What happens now is that those solutions are being standardized.

Compact Dynamic

The result of one year’s intensive work at Weland Solutions’ development department is here. A brand new fully automatic goods to man solution. The big difference with Compact Dynamic compared to our vertical storage lifts is that it goes from semi-automation to full automation. The goods to man solution means that the product comes to you instead of you going to a storage lift and getting the product. Robotic solutions by far deliver faster and smarter than a human.

E-commerce is a big market

The big gain is efficiency, picking speed and space saving. This benefits companies in, for example, e-commerce. The unique advantages are that we can adapt Compact Dynamic both in height, width and depth to best fit the customer’s premises. The storage locations are also flexible. We also have very high availability for all storage locations, which is unique for goods to man solutions.

Axelent is first in line

In the summer of 2019, the first delivery of Compact Dynamic will take place at Axelent in Hillerstorp. The company, which has 56 sales offices worldwide, develops, produces, stores and packs safety components for machinery, construction, storage and cable trays. The solution for Axelent has about 30,000 storage locations.

Mats Hilding – CEO, Axelent. Björn Karlsson – CEO, Weland Solutions. Johan Axelsson – Production Manager, Axelent.