Weland Solutions helped Rolls Royce


With the help of Weland Solutions, Rolls Royce has avoided expensive investments on new premises.

Following a number of positive years, Rolls Royce’s business had grown so much that they had started to grow out of their existing premises. With the help of Weland Solutions, Rolls Royce succeeded with the trick of both freeing up space at the same time as they increased their manufacturing capacity.

To minimise the holding area, Rolls Royce bought vertical storage lifts of the Compact Lift models. The vertical storage lifts will be used to store aero-engine components, of various sizes and weights. The Compact Lift model, which Weland Solutions has adapted on behalf of the customer, is used to hold the very largest components. By the way, we often help out with similar customisations.


The objective with the purchase of the vertical storage lifts was to automate and maximise the integration of the high turnover stock of components in order to utilise the full 11-metre height of the premises in an efficient manner. Our dealer, Randex, established that we could obtain the requisite capacity with a total of eight vertical storage lifts.

The primary reason why Roll Royce chose vertical storage lifts from Weland Solutions was the unique design of the system with gear rack control and four-wheel drive. One other important factor was that each tray is pushed out a long way from the machine, which makes accessing heavy parts with some type of lifting device easier.

As a result, Roll Royce succeeded in reducing the storage area from 1600 to 125 square meters.