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  • Streamlining storage space for world-renowned automaker



    Photo: Koenigsegg

    To help clients optimize their storage space, Weland Solutions is always open to adapt vertical storage lifts after specific needs. The world renowned car manufacturer, Koenigsegg, is one of many that’s excelled in their production with a customized storage solution.

    The automaker Koenigsegg is know all over the world for their iconic and exclusive cars. The company continues to grow and with that a need for extra storage space. They decided to start a collaboration with Weland Solutions, and as a result, two custom-made vertical storage lifts of the model Compact Twin 2440 were installed.

    Two machines, one solution

    When Koenigsegg decided to work with Weland Solutions, it was mainly because they knew the company’s ability to customize machines after specific needs. A solution was created were two vertical storage lifts were connected to work together. Also, interior and software were adapted and connected.

    ”The world’s fastest car is designed and manufactured in Sweden, and so is the world’s fastest vertical storage lift. Our goal is to keep growing with Koenigsegg and with that, continue to adapt our machines after their specific needs”, explains Björn Karlsson, CEO at Weland Solutions.

    An environmental choice

    Weland Solutions always offers products with long sustainability. They also take complete responsibility for their machines, new as well as restored. That includes relocation, installation, start-up and education for involved employees. From a customer’s perspective, restored products are also a cost-efficient choice.

    These reasons made it simple for Koenigsegg to hire the company. They invested in two restored Compact Twin 2440 and with the custom-made adjustments, their efficiency has excelled.

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    Compact Twin 2440 at Koenigsegg

  • BIM – Concept of the future is moving in


    We are seeing a significant increase in demand for BIM, Building Information Modelling, here at Weland Solutions, where digitization of the construction industry is facilitating greater streamlining and a sustainable construction process from the ground up. Parts of our range are now available at the BIMobject portal. We are constantly driving development forward thanks to our ongoing efforts to manage and enhance information sharing.

    Future information sharing is here

    Weland Solutions is working tirelessly to meet the market’s needs. As a supplier, we feel it is important to be able to provide our designers and architects with simple, modern tools to ensure a streamlined, sustainable construction process. BIM simplifies and coordinates the construction process in a manner that was impossible previously. We use BIM objects to offer the construction industry an efficient solution that facilitates a fully digitized information channel.

    BIM – A visual model of reality

    BIM is a digitized turnkey solution designed for the construction industry in which objects are downloaded and used by architects, engineers and designers. The BIM model is made up of a number of different components known as BIM objects, facilitating planning all the way from concept to finished product. We gather all documentation on our product, such as height, width, depth, assembly instructions and links, in a BIM object. The designer can then incorporate our products in their drawing right from the concept stage, which permits visual inspection to be carried out prior to planning. All documentation on Weland Solutions objects is then available throughout the entire construction process until well after the project is completed.

    Weland Solutions objects are available to download here.

    For more information about our BIM objects, contact us.

    BIM – Concept of the future is moving in

  • Compact Twin boosts UK supplier


    Bunzl Retail Supplies is the UK's leading supplier of goods not for resale, and their supply chain solutions has an extensive network of global suppliers across a broad and eclectic range of product categories to deliver a holistic solution for their customers.

    A game changer

    Bunzl Retail Supplies set out with the expectations that they needed a solution, that could pick a high volume of small skews, and they had to do it in large batches for batch efficiency. At the same time, they needed to be able to replenish the machine as efficiently as they could pick from it. Weland Solutions took all their requirements on board and delivered a solution of 4 compact twin vertical lifts with 96-put-to-light stations.

    That allowed them to do picking to light, as well as replen-from-light. The replen-from-light is a game changer for Bunzl Retail Supplies. When you look at traditional vertical lifts, you must do some form of pre-sorting of the stock and it's a very manual process to put that inventory inside the machine. Because they are using the put-to-light stations to do the replenishments as well, they get the same levels of efficiency for the replenishment as they are for the picking.

    Performance improvement

    The Compact Twin is the only vertical lift on the market that has a twin extractor, that means it can carry two trays at once. Due to that it means it can deliver he trays to the access opening consistently faster, which reduces the time an operative stands waiting for the trays, which essentially would be wasted otherwise. " The results so far, are really exciting and it is great news to deliver back to the business. We are still only in our early stages of implementation, but we have already seen a performance increase", Gareth Banks, Head of Operations at Bunzl Retail Supplies, explains.

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  • Compact Store in new guise


    Following the acquisition of Kodverkstan earlier this year, Weland Solutions now fully owns the WMS system Compact Store. In conjunction with the acquisition, Weland Solutions’ IT Department was expanded to give it the capacity to take the system to the next level. A series of planned improvements and brand new features are now being rolled out in parallel with Weland Solutions’ launch of Compact Store 8.0.

    The new version has a more contemporary interface and is even more future-proof. The WMS system provides support for all operations included in normal inventory management, such as incoming deliveries, combination, prioritising and starting of picking orders, transfer and refilling of items and inventory.

    One of Compact Store 8.0’s new features is putaway and storage of incoming goods via Put-To-Light (PTL). This means the customer can use PTL to manage storage - a tool that makes replenishment picking in vertical storage lifts more efficient. This already exists for order picking, but is now also available for putaway.

    Several aspects of the feature for starting an order have been improved. The option to link operators to lifts, faster import of orders and enhanced support for tablets and mobile devices are other new features that users can look forward to after an upgrade.

    Compact Store can be used as a completely independent system, but is usually connected to an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning). The ERP system manages finances and Compact Store can be seen as the storage module. About 400 have been installed at customer premises and Compact Store has been delivered with most commercially available ERP systems.

    Compact Store ensures that Weland Solutions’ vertical storage lifts are managed efficiently and effectively.

  • Lift-Off for Largest Prototype Company in the Nordics


    When Prototal bought toolmaker Premould in the spring of 2018, they needed to move the acquired company's workshop and storage lift to Jönköping. This turned out to have some unexpectedly positive side effects and one lift swiftly became several.

    Prototal is the Nordic market leader in tooling with injection molding. The large tools and molds used for manufacturing can, however, be quite difficult to store, and to move to and from the workshop. Weland Solutions turned out to be just the solution they needed.

    – With our machines, Prototal no longer need to use a truck every time they want to change a certain tool, instead all they need is a crane and a cart, Daniel Cantoni, Key Account Manager at Weland Solutions explains.

    From 1 to 6 Storage Lifts

    It all started when Premould's old storage lift, a Compact Lift 2440, needed to be moved to the workshop in Jönköping. The project team quickly saw that the lift would be too tall for the new hall, so Weland offered to repurchase it and build a new lift on-site.

    – Prototal already had housing issues though and during our discussions they realized that they could store a lot of their equipment in our types of storage lifts. We investigated it together and they ended up buying six machines last fall. Around Christmas they called us again and wanted an additional four lifts, Daniel relates.

    The first three storage lifts were about six meters tall in order to fit under the new ceiling. An additional overview, however, revealed that there were spaces in the hall with higher ceilings, so the next three lifts were ordered eight meters tall instead. The work was done stagewise with two storage lifts built and filled at a time.

    – The whole job took about a month. We also did a reshuffle and changed around the locations of a shorter and a taller lift. It's important to be flexible and to solve problems as the client requires. We always try to accommodate their wishes, Daniel says.

    Saves Time and Floorspace

    The custom-made Compact Lift storage lifts store a total of 12.5 tons of material, distributed over about 25 trays. The trays measure 2440x820 millimeter, with a store height of up to 500 millimeters and a max load of 500 kilos. The solution saved Prototal about 300 square meters of floorspace.

    Each tray ejects all the way out which makes it possible for an overhead crane to pick the stored material directly. The pick work had thus become both simpler and more efficient.

  • E-commerce retailer expands — invests in new warehouse solution


    When fast-growing e-commerce retailer Boozt needed to streamline their warehouse management in 2019, the choice fell on warehouse and logistics specialist Weland Solutions. Together, they created a solution that saves time and floorspace.

    Fashion retailer Boozt has grown tremendously in the past few years. After only two years in their large warehouse building, they needed to optimize their storage solution in order to fit in new products and quickly distribute them to customers. Weland Solutions was the answer.

    – We needed a flexible solution for our flammable cosmetics. They required both space efficient storage and a quick picking speed. Weland had the best total offer that combined quality and speed, which was very important to us, says Jimmy Duholm, Warehouse Director at Boozt.

    Saves floorspace

    The installation was made at the main warehouse in Ängelholm, which is about 42 000 square meters in size. To free up floorspace, the companies decided to build vertically. Two vertical storage lifts in the model Compact Twin were installed, each with 58 load trays, that created 348 square meters of storage space on 24 square meters of floor.

    – We also installed a picking screen that helps the operator find the product with the help of for example an image, and a led list that identifies it on the tray. Beyond that, we installed shutters to protect against dust and other things, Mikael Svensson, Key Acount Manager at Weland Solutions explains.

    Weland's warehouse management system was integrated with Boozt's current WMS. The construction took about a week and the machines were taken into use during spring. Boozt had not used vertical storage lifts before, so expectations were high, and they were fulfilled.

    – We gained better control; vertical storage lifts provide more order than shelves do. We notice that we have better control of the pick runs and feel that we can pick quicker and more efficiently with this new automatic solution, Jimmy comments.

    An ergonomic solution

    Except for secure and efficient pick runs and saved floorspace, there was one major benefit to Weland's solution and that was ergonomics:

    – We focus a great deal on our people's work environment and have spent a lot of time and resources on building Sweden's greenest warehouse, and to adapt it as far as possible from an ergonomic point of view, Jimmy explains.

    The vertical storage lifts give an ergonomic work position where you don't have to bend or stretch to pick something. Instead, the picking tray is at a good height as soon as it comes out, which Jimmy says is much appreciated by the staff.

  • Weland Solutions co-operates with BITO Lagersystem


    Weland Solutions and BITO Lagersystem have started to co-operate in Sweden, Finland and Poland.

    - We see that our companies work in similar ways and with the same categories of customers, says Björn Karlsson, CEO of Weland Solutions. BITO deals with warehouse layout solutions and we deal with automation in warehouse management. Together, we are a comprehensive supplier of professional warehouse solutions.

    An example where the two companies' solutions work well together is BITO Lagersystem's AGV solution (Automated Guided Vehicles) LEO Locative, which means that automated vehicles transport boxes from and to Weland Solutions' various vertical storage lifts.

    - It is also worth pointing out that both Weland Solutions and BITO Lagersystem have their own production and are family owned, Björn Karlsson says.

    Moreover, he says that the purpose of the co-operation is that both companies will work together in all active markets in the future.

  • Larger green point with the light pointer


    Weland Solutions' light pointer now uses a green laser diode with a larger green-light point compared with the red-light point of the previous laser diode.

    The green-light point is 50 millimetres in diameter compared with the previous red one, which was only 20 millimetres.

    By using a green laser diode, the light pointer now clearly shows where items to be picked are placed on the load trays. The light pointer is the most efficient picking aid when the load trays have many small compartments.

    Picking aid green light pointer

  • LED lighting in service openings


    From now on, there is LED lighting in the service openings of Weland Solutions' vertical storage lifts. The LED lighting replaces the fluorescent lamps with halogen lighting.

    The LED lighting provides a much stronger light, while LED also provides an environmentally friendly and more energy-efficient option to the previous variant of fluorescent lighting.

    The LED lighting is now available on all deliveries of vertical storage lifts.

    LED lighting

  • Weland acquires Compact Store and Kodverkstan


    The Weland Group has acquired the company Kodverkstan. The acquisition means that Weland Solutions now completely owns the WMS (Warehouse Management System) Compact Store, which was previously developed together with Kodverkstan. It is the new company Weland Software that handles Compact Store.

    Since 1999, when the two companies began to cooperate, approximately 400 customer installations of Compact Store have been made.

    "The main reason for the acquisition is that we are growing rapidly outside Sweden, so we want to have Compact Store completely in our own ownership. We have also built a new software team," says Björn Karlsson, CEO of Weland Solutions. "We are also pleased with the expertise that will now be available at Weland Solutions' IT department."

    Compact Store version 2.0 will be launched later this year. According to Björn Karlsson, the new version will have a more modern interface, while it will be even more future proven.

    Compact Store is built to control Weland Solutions vertical storage lifts in an efficient manner. The system is modular, making it easy to connect new functionality as needs arise.

    The WMS provides support for all operations included in the normal inventory management, such as incoming deliveries, combining, prioritizing and starting of picking orders, transfer and refilling of items and inventory.

    Compact Store can be used as a completely stand-alone system, but it is usually connected to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. The ERP manages the economy and Compact Store can be seen as the storage module. Compact Store has been delivered together with most of the ERP systems in the market.

    Compact Store

  • New retailer in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia


    NordLogSyS is the new retailer in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia for Weland Solutions. The company is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland.

    NordLogSyS works with Weland Solutions' installation team worldwide, focusing on Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

    "NordLogSyS has installed machines in about 20 countries," says Björn Karlsson, CEO of Weland Solutions." The company has extensive experience in logistics and project management. They will further grow our sales and service in the Polish, Slovak and Czech markets."


  • New retailer in the Baltic states


    Progressive Business Solutions (PBS) is Weland Solutions new retailer in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The company is based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    "We are looking forward to PBS growing our sales in the Baltics, while helping our customers with service, support and maintenance," says Björn Karlsson, CEO of Weland Solutions.

    PBS helps manufacturing companies to set up business processes, implement ERP systems, integrate Industry 4.0 solutions, supply-chain solutions, as well as mergers and acquisitions. The cooperation with Weland Solutions is already underway, and PBS has sold an installation of vertical storage lifts in Latvia.

    "PBS is used to working with other Swedish industrial companies. PBS is also a retailer of Bystronic's products in the Baltics. Bystronic is our largest supplier and delivers, for instance, laser equipment to us. It was also through Bystronic that we first got in touch with PBS," Björn Karlsson says.

    Progressive Business Solutions

  • New Sales Manager at Weland Solutions


    Lars Andreasen is the new Sales Manager at Weland Solutions since 1 of March, 2019. It is a new position and the reason is that the company's sales in recent years have gone up strongly. Sales has increased by 20 percent annually, and the market continues to grow.

    "My task is to create a common structure for our sales, so that everyone works the same way and goes in the same direction," Lars Andreasen says. However, I will still have the responsibility for some of my existing customers, while also assisting in larger projects.

    Lars Andreasen worked with sales at the then Compact Logistics System between 2001 and 2007. The company was purchased by Weland in 2006 and then became Weland Lagersystem. It then changed its name to Weland Solutions in 2018. After about ten years with other assignments, Lars Andreasen started working with sales at Weland Solutions in 2017.

    Here you can find contact information for Lars Andreasen. Lars Andreasen

  • Weland Solutions sets focus on automation


    Compact Dynamic

    Weland Solutions is investing in fully automated solutions that speak the same language as robotic systems. Five years ago we were a supplier of standard products. With customized solutions, we have increased by 20 percent per year. What happens now is that those solutions are being standardized.

    Compact Dynamic

    The result of one year's intensive work at Weland Solutions' development department is here. A brand new fully automatic goods to man solution. The big difference with Compact Dynamic compared to our vertical storage lifts is that it goes from semi-automation to full automation. The goods to man solution means that the product comes to you instead of you going to a storage lift and getting the product. Robotic solutions by far deliver faster and smarter than a human.

    E-commerce is a big market

    The big gain is efficiency, picking speed and space saving. This benefits companies in, for example, e-commerce. The unique advantages are that we can adapt Compact Dynamic both in height, width and depth to best fit the customer's premises. The storage locations are also flexible. We also have very high availability for all storage locations, which is unique for goods to man solutions.

    Axelent is first in line

    In the summer of 2019, the first delivery of Compact Dynamic will take place at Axelent in Hillerstorp. The company, which has 56 sales offices worldwide, develops, produces, stores and packs safety components for machinery, construction, storage and cable trays. The solution for Axelent has about 30,000 storage locations.

    Axelent & Weland Solutions

    Mats Hilding - CEO, Axelent. Björn Karlsson - CEO, Weland Solutions. Johan Axelsson - Production Manager, Axelent.

  • Clever storage on two levels


    By having a mezzanine divide a building into two levels, the vertical storage lift can utilize two service openings. Effectivity increases since two operators can work simultaneously from the separate openings. The two levels are easily connected by a stair case. Both emezzanine and stair cases are available product offerings from Weland Solutions' parent company Weland AB.

    Correct stock balance and great space savings

    Svenstigs Bil in Värnamo is one of many companies that have chosen fully customized solutions from Weland Solutions. Since Svenstigs Bil is represented at two sales locations and three service locations, they have a lot of spare parts to keep track of. A majority of the smaller spare parts are stored in a Compact vertical storage lift.

    The new vertical storage lift has among other things helped Svenstigs Bil to better utilize available space. Vertical storage lifts can save up to 90% of the floor area compared to regular storage racks. The vertical storage lift has given Svenstigs Bil a correct stock balance and offered better ergonomics for employees.

    Weland Solutions have more than 17 years of experience with automated storage. The products are made in Sweden and of high quality. The company works continuously to create new customised solutions to optimize warehouse management and goods handling.

    Clever storage on two levels

  • New export sales rep - Alexander Ljungberg


    Alexander Ljungberg, with a solid background in export, technology and marketing, has been appointed sales representative at Weland Solutions where he will focus on export markets.

    Alexander Ljungberg, formerly self-employed for a number of years, has previously worked with export of electronics with focus on Benelux and Germany.

    We welcome Alexander to Weland Solutions!

    Here you can find contact information for Alexander Ljungberg. Alexander Ljungberg

  • Weland Lagersystem is changing its name


    Weland Lagersystem, with their space saving warehouse- and effective logistics solutions, is expanding and now sell more on the export market than in Sweden. – Today we are a global company with an international target. We are now strengthening our organisation and expanding our offer in order to grow along with our customers. At the same time we are changing our name to Weland Solutions AB, says Björn Karlsson, CEO.

    From Småland out into the world
    The company was started in Smålandsstenar in 1999 and has grown steadily ever since. Today the company's products and solutions can be found in installations in 28 countries. – Our largest single market is still Sweden, but export sales are since long larger and continue to grow. We are now adjusting our sales organisation to keep growing, but we are also strengthening our service and support division. To us it's a big difference between simply selling and being able to fully work together with our customers.

    Expanded export offerings
    The business concept has been the same since the beginning. The company develops and manufactures vertical storage lifts and storage equipment to achieve the best possible storage capacity for the available footprint. – To us, flexibility and quality will always come before standard. Customers get complete, customised warehouse management systems that optimize logistics in an optimal way. That is one of the reasons we gained the trust to follow our customers throughout the world. Small and medium sized companies, but also large global brands like Procter & Gamble, Jaguar and Landrover, Scania and Volkswagen. Nevertheless, all our development, construction and manufacturing still take place in Gislaved.

    Kickoff at Elmia Subcontractor
    For a closer look at Weland Solutions and a chance to talk more about customised vertical storage lifts, innovative warehouse management systems and cost-effective logistics, we'll be exhibiting at Elmia Subcontractor on November 13-16. – We look forward to the trade fair. It's always good to meet customers and colleagues in the business. For us, the trade fair will also be a clear start to our global venture, with a sharpened organization and a new name, says Björn Karlsson, CEO of Weland Solutions AB.

    Weland Solutions AB

  • From a traditional shelving system to an acclaimed storage system


    Rimaster is a leading company in the development and manufacture of cable harnesses, electrical cabinets, electronics, cabs and mechanical systems for special vehicles and industrial systems. Rimaster never compromises on the quality of its products and, when it decided to invest in a more efficient storage system, it got in touch with another supplier that puts quality first: Weland Solutions.

    A smart, customised storage system

    Weland Solutions calculated how much space, time and labour Rimaster would save by choosing the right products. The figures spoke for themselves. Rimaster ordered an end-to-end system comprising three Compact Twin 3660 vertical storage lifts, extra load trays, the WMS system Compact Store including Compact Talk, Picking Display and LED Strip. Weland Solutions recommended combining this with a Put to Light system, which has become an increasingly popular solution for further improving picking operations and storage management.

    An excellent start and a promising future

    Rimaster had its new storage system installed in September 2017. It is too early yet to talk about results, but there is a huge difference. Rimaster is more than satisfied with its new automated storage management system.

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