Czech Madal Bal moved most of its order picking to four Compact Twins.

The Czech e-commerce company Madal Bal chose Compact Twin

With the help of the reseller VertiFlex, four Compact Twins from Weland Solutions were delivered to the Czech e-commerce company Madal Bal. At Madal Bal, they focus on e-commerce of tools and to both streamline and optimize their order handling, they invested in several vertical storage lifts.

Customized design and best performance

In order for the vertical storage lifts to blend into the warehouse environment, the design was adapted to follow Madal Bal’s brand profile.
The vertical storage lifts are equipped for both normal and heavy handling. The software-driven solution, in this case VertiFlex Vertinode AI, ensures that the machine delivers at their best performance. The set up of Compact Twin provides space for several picking places and several pickers. To create an efficient picking, Madal Bal chose pick-to-light screens where the picker is guided with colors.


Tjeckiska e-handelsbolaget Madal Bal valde Compact Twin