Modern Elteknik i Göteborg offers components for electronics and automation and is one of Sweden’s leading electrical wholesalers. The company has recently launched its own e-commerce, which is directed to both professionals and private individuals.

A number of years ago, the company ran into challenges when they wanted to integrate their Vimsa ERP system with their handheld devices, as a result, they started looking for other storage solutions. Early on, they decided to invest in vertical storage lifts, and the choice fell upon the storage and logistics specialist Weland Solutions and their innovative vertical storage lift, Compact Twin.

Two Compact Twin 3660 vertical storage lifts with accessories were installed in their warehouse to increase the productivity. Each machine handles 57 load trays and the storage lifts are ESD adapted and equipped with light pointer, roller shutters to protect against noise and dust, as well as the Put to Screen software from Weland Solutions. Apart from the vertical storage lifts, Weland Solutions have also delivered plastic containers and work tables on wheels, which are used to sort goods.

“Compact Twin is a storage and picking solution that, combined with Put-to-screen, provides faster and more secure picking as well as a more efficient use of existing storage space,” Sam Andreasen, seller at Weland Solutions, says.

Previously, Modern Elteknik had a traditionally structured warehouse, where the products were picked in batches for dispatch to the customers. “Thanks to our solution, the articles to be picked take up 24 sq. m. As a result, our solution has freed up approximately 100 sq. m., where Modern Elteknik can store their stock goods. This means they have been able to increase both their assortment and their shop area, and they can keep their promise to their customers to have everything in stock,” Sam Andreasen says.

“The vertical storage lifts from Weland Solutions have totally changed the way we work at Modern Elteknik. We have obtained a simplified picking flow, a more ergonomic way of working, dampened noise level, fewer incorrect picks and faster incoming deliveries to the storage lift. It has genuinely made life better for those of us who work here,” Jan Johannesson says.




Accessories and fittings:

Lightpointer, Put to screen, Cycleshutter